[Vid+Trans] 121129 ‘Fantastic Thursday’ SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Bangkok Exclusive Interview with TVXQ!

[T/N Trans only TVXQ! interview part]

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Kris: TVXQ used to visit Thailand for SMTown concert 4 years ago. Please tell us about that.

Changmin: I have to say it’s been a while we haven’t visitied Thailand. But as soon as we reached to the airport there were lots of fans welcoming us. That made us know Thai fans still love us, SMTown. I felt that we must prepare well to give the fans the best performance today.

Kris: What about you, Yunho?

Yunho: I feel the same as Changmin. I’m very excited because we haven’t visited here for a concert for 4 years. I was so worried yesterday if there would be any fans welcoming us but when I arrived, I saw many fans. It made me glad and warm. It was raining yesterday, I was worried it could affect the show but now the weather is lovely so I must give the best performance to return the love from our fans who have been waiting for us for a long time.

Kris: Can you tell us about your recent song “Humanoids”

Changmin: The music includes electronic sound with the easy and ear catching melody but when we put it all together on the stage, this song might be one of best performances of us

Kirs: Please tell us about your previous song “Catch Me” it is such a powerful song and I bet you have to put so many energies in it.

Yunho: Tony Testa who was the choreographer of this song is very famous. The most important thing of doing Catch Me dance is the strong team work because if there’s any mistake, it’d really effect many things during the performance. The move is called “Hulk dance” which requires the good team work to make the dance move look like a wave so every step has to come out accurately. We all had to practice a lot.

Kris: Will TVXQ plan to have a concert here in Bangkok next year?

Changmin: We just had the big concert in Seoul and it went successfully. We also have plans to have the concert tour in many countries. We have many fans in Thailand who always support us. So I think there will be the big concert in Thailand next year for sure.

Yunho: Thai fans, please follow up with our work and news.

Kris: Say something for Thai fans

Yunho: We feel thankful for Thai fans so much for giving us a chance to have the concert in Thailand again. Thank you for loving us always. You make me feel the same like 4 years ago, I’ve received the same love and warmth. We will perform our best today. Though this time we will be with so many SMTown artists but we’d still like our fans to keep supporting us. We will continue to create good work for our fans to keep on supporting us.

Changmin: Though this is nearly the year end time. I wish you spend the best of this time happily ever. We have just released a new single called “Humanoids”. I wish Thai fans will continue to support us.

Kirs: Thank you for giving us the interview today. Thai fans will definitely keep on supporting you.

TVXQ: Khob khoon Mak Mak Krab [Thank you in Thai]

Credit: fronkey Lee
Trans by: sharingyoochun.net
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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