Ask Me!

Hello, everyone! I was just wanted to make this section for anything you would like to know either about TVXQ, or tell me how I’m doing, or suggestions, or joining in!

Anyways, it can be used for anything! ^^

Please just read the rules just to make sure that the environment here in HoMinStyle is healthy:


  1. First of all, respect every person who posts. This is not the place to start a war.
  2. This blog supports only the new and unique and precious TVXQ (TV2XQ – Yunho and Changmin), so don’t talk about other fandoms, KPOP groups, no mention of OT5, YunJae, JYJ, etc etc.
  3. There is no tolerance for bashing Yunho and Changmin. They are TVXQ!
  4. No spam.
  5. Reminder: No hate!
  6. Talk as much as you want about TVXQ! Support them!

Remember that TVXQ and us the fans “are still standing here”. Please give lots of love and support to TVXQ!

Thank you,


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