[Vids+Trans] 111001 Tohoshinki On Music Fair

Male Host: Has there been a situation where you couldn’t understand why girls act this way?

YH: A while ago I had decided to meet with a friend of mine (a girl) but then suddenly on the day, I got a call from her and she said, “Ah, I have a rash (T/N: like a pimple) so I can’t meet you today.” So I was told this and I thought, “What do I do??”

Male Host: You can’t understand it right?

Female host: Where was it on her face?

YH: It was here.

Male Host: Even if she has a rash…it’s okay right?

YH: Yea, exactly.

Female Host: Didn’t you tell her that it’s okay?

YH: Of course I did but she still told me that it would be difficult for her to meet me today.

Male Host: Ah by saying it’s “difficult” what do you do then, right?

YH: Yea I was so surprised!

Male Host: It makes you wonder all sorts of things!

YH: Yea exactly!

Female Host: You wonder if it’s because she doesn’t like you right?

Male Host: So does this happen with you too?

Shouko: It really depends on the place.. If it’s like a really big one under the nose, then it’s hard to go out.

Female Host: Yea, I understand that.

Shouko: Yea and there are other situations like if she cuts her bangs a bit too short, it’d be a bit scary to meet. There are things like that for girls. And also if she eats too much onions and she feels it smells too bad, it’d be hard to meet someone.

Male Host: Just don’t eat that much then! Wow, this is fascinating! What about Changmin?

CM: Sometimes when you have an argument with a girl, sometimes there are times when she is wrong too, right? And she knows that, but she doesn’t apologise to the other.

Male Host: Ahhh so you mean she doesn’t admit that she’s wrong?

CM: Yes.

Male Host: Does that happen?

Shouko: Not admitting to being wrong…Yes that does.

Female Host: Sometimes it’s hard to say sorry, right?

Shouko: Yes, exactly. And sometimes they hope by not admitting to it that it’ll become the truth.

Male Host: Seems like Changmin has had some interesting experiences. How about you Owashi?

Owashi: When your having a meal and she’s eating something yummy, while she’s eating and it’s stil in her mouth, they make this “Mmhmm” sound. I always wondered, why did they choose that timing to say that??

Female Host: You mean like why don’t they wait till after they swallow?

Owashi: Yea, why can’t they swallow and then say, “It tastes good!” There are so many girls that are eating and say “Mhhmm!” So I wonder if they actually do this on purpose as a way to be cute.

Male Host: You want to know the truth about this from girls!

Owashi: Yes!

Male Host: What do you say, Aimi?

Aimi: When we’re eating something yummy, we want to immediately express that it tastes good. It just comes out so fast, because it tastes that good.

Owashi: Oh I see. Sometimes I would see a group of girls who are having a meal and all you hear is “Mmmhmm! Mhhmm!” And it just made me wonder.

Male Host: It makes you want to interrupt them right? Like “Just wait till you finish eating!” What about in Korea, do you have things like this?

YH+CM: Yes we do.

Hosts: Like they would make these sounds while eating?

YH: Yea, its really fascinating how they communicate with these sounds.

Male Host: Woww so is it like they put it in their mouth and then “Mhhmm mhhmm” (T/N: makes random noises xDD)

YH: Yea it’s like that!

Male Host: Fairies, you’re all still in middle school right? Do you also make these kinds of sounds while eating?

Fairies: Yes we do!

Male Host: Wow, okay so even middle schoolers do this kind of thing. Seems like we found out something fascinating today.

Female Host: Such a detailed thing.

Male Host: You’re really looking at females aren’t you?

Owashi: Why do you say it in that tone!

Starting at 2:22

Male Host: I wanted to ask the guys, what are some moments when you feel that girl is cute?

YH: For me, rather than when they’re saying anything, when I see they’re laughing really hard it makes me happy inside.

Female Host: “Aw that’s cute” it makes you feel like that, right?

YH: Yes, that’s right.

Male Host: What about you?

Owashi: For me, it’s girls who have really nice handwriting. Yea, like girls who write messily it makes me feel that maybe that’s the kind of lifestyle they have. But someone who writes very neatly, it gives that image that they are more in control.

End at 2:40

Credit: aq3dfkjr95
Trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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