[Trans] Tohoshinki Updates

Tomorrow [12/9] Space Shower TV!!
From 07:30 to 08:00, Tohoshinki’s B.U.T. (BE-AU-TY) (Short Version) will be revealed.

Credit: DC Yunho
Trans by: @mug_ping

Tohoshinki will be on 11/1 issue of SODA! It’ll be a publication on “the heart poured into the original album after 2.5 years”. It’ll go on sale on 9/22. You can order this product on Amazon. Also, on 9/28, 3 types of Tohoshinki’s new album TONE [DVD version containing PVs], [DVD version containing lives], [CD with additional songs] will go on sale.

Credit: Telzone
Trans by: @mug_ping


On 10/1, Tohoshinki’s special booklet “Tohoshinki, Tracing the Tearful Farewell to the Revival (tentative title)”.


On 11/2, Changmin’s first drama “Paradise Ranch”, contained in the “Paradise Ranch Complete DVD Box”, “Paradise Ranch DVD BOX11”, will go on sale.


(T/N): Thanks for the translating @mug_ping!
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