[Pics+Trans] 130118 Tohoshinki – Bigeast Staff Report

Here’s introducing the photo session for the album cover of ‘Catch Me -If you wanna-”~ (^^)
The cover was taken in two styles! It was smoothly done throughout the photo taking ♪ With two different-looking concepts, it became the cover photos that will leave an impression (^^)v

Catch Me - If you wanna3


Yunho who made a determining pose. Perfect.

Catch Me - If you wanna4


Seeing Changmin’s expressions through the mirror is very heart thumping. Continue reading

[Trans] 130114 [Staff Diary] Make Sure You Tune In To ‘Queen Of Ambition’!!!!

Hello 🙂
This is the staff of TVXQ.

Tonight at 9:55pm!!!!!!
SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Queen of Ambition’ will begin airing,
so we hope many fans tune in and show their interest in the drama.

You’ll be able to meet Jung Yunho (U-Know Yunho)’s character Baek Do Hoon,
from tomorrow during the second episode of ‘Queen of Ambition’ on the 15th of January,
But make sure!! you tune in to the drama today and tomorrow
so that you can understand the flow of the plot~!^^


fans from all over the world showed their support
at the ‘SBS Queen of Ambition’ press conference
that was held at Mokdong’s SBS Shinsaok on the 9th of January.


So many fans came together to show their support.
And we are always grateful for that.^^

Last of all,
Baekhak Group’s oldest son Baek Do Hoon
was at the press conference of ‘SBS Queen of Ambition’!!

With the care and attention of his fans held tight in his two hands,
and good looks that shine like a hundred lights turned on!!

We introduce Jung Yunho. ^_^


We ask you once again to tune in to the drama,
and we hope you send Actor Jung Yunho
your messages of affection and reassuring support.

Thank you!!!!

Source: [TVXQ’s Official Homepage]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

[Trans] 110912 Bigeast Staff Report

At Scene Of New Album “TONE” Jacket Shooting

The release of the new album “TONE” is getting closer and closer♪

Today, we wanted to introduce a frame from the scene of that jacket shoot!

Yunho is checking his own photograph. He’s very serious.

Rather calm even when shooting, Changmin is chatting with the staff

During the intervals of the shooting, they also finished recording their comments.

As always, we have used our utmost care to prepare a booklet and package full of visuals, so you definitely have to check it out!

Source : [Bigeast Official Page]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

[Pics] 110904 SMTOWN Facebook Update (Part 2)

Changmin melted me down today with these photos of him with water… xD

Facebook says: “[SMTOWN in TOKYO] 東方神起がパワフルなパフォーマンスで会場を圧倒した!!
Powerful and passionate stage by TVXQ! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN STAFF]”

Facebook says: “[SMTOWN in TOKYO] いたずらボーイ창민
Max says “It’s very hot, isn’t it?” [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN STAFF]”

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