[News] 121125 TVXQ comes back with “Humanoids” on Inkigayo

Powerful duo TVXQ is back with a follow-up track “Humanoids” on today’s episode of Inkigayo!

Coming back from their last single “Catch Me,” the duo performed their new follow-up track at a recent concert in Seoul, and Inkigayo viewers were able to watch the performance on today’s show.

The fast-paced track features many similar qualities has “Catch Me,” such as electronic and synth instrumentals as well as a plethora of vocal effects. With a more monotone verse and pre-chorus, the chorus of “Humanoids” goes into a soaring three-note melody that highlights the vocal skills of Changmin and Yunho.

TVXQ performed “Humanoids” today dressed in more casual outfits than their “Catch Me” promotions, donning casual t-shirts and trendy blazers. The duo was still able to show off their powerful and manly image, with a strong choreography and vocal performance.

What do you think of their new track?

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Credit: Miranda @ Koreaboo
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[Vids] TVXQ Kick off with Catch Me World Tour

For those of you who wanted to see Yunho speak, here it is:

Credits: [yukichitvxq + UKNOWCHANNEL + VideoTopNews + showbiz 411] @ YT
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[Fancams] TVXQ VCR in Catch Me World Tour in Seoul

TVXQ – Before U Go VCR

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[Pics] 121118 TVXQ in Catch Me World Tour Facebook


Donghae, EXO and many other including Eunhyuk, 스테파니, 브라이언, 정동화 (musical actor), 신의정 (musical actress), 양태화 (skating coach), 박수진, 신지수, 강동호, 김우주, 한선수 (volleyball player), 성시현 (volleyball player), 은정 (Jewelry), 베이지, UV came out to support TVXQ! Live World Tour ‘Catch Me’!

Every one of you helped make this show extra special! Please continue to love & support TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” in SEOUL!

TVXQ! ♥ We are ‘T’

D.O. and CHAN YEOL from EXO-K brought this nice cake for TVXQ!

Credit: TVXQ Official Facebook Website & SMTOWN Official Facebook Website
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[News] Actress Moon Chae Won attended TVXQ’s concert by herself

Moon Chae Won and TVXQ

TVXQ held their ‘TVXQ! Live World Tour Catch Me In Seoul’ concert at 4PM (KST) on November 18th, with actress Moon Chae Won revealed to have been among the fans watching the concert.

On the day of the concert, Moon Chae Won had a light stick in her hand as she cheered on her idols throughout and never left her seat for the entire 3 hours. Moon Chae Won’s management agency revealed, “Moon Chae Won loves to watch music concerts usually, and often heads out to the streets of Hongdae to take in performances. She didn’t bring her manager along for the TVXQ concert and was alone. She has always been a fan of groups like TVXQ and Big Bang.”

Moon Chae Won’s popular KBS 2TV drama ‘Nice Guy’ had just ended its run last Thursday, and the TVXQ concert served as a nice getaway for her to enjoy some off time in her schedule.

Credit: Korea Star Daily @ Yahoo! Entertainment – Singapore 
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[Pics] TVXQ Kicks Off World Tour with Seoul Concerts

Please watch this from this link, since Kstar10 can’t be redistributed on blogs and other websites:

TVXQ Kicks Off World Tour with Seoul Concerts

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