[Vid] 130123 TVXQ on KBS News

It’s about TVXQ winning number 1 on the Oricon Chart in Japan for “Catch Me -If you wanna-“.

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[News] TVXQ reveals teaser for “Humanoids”

TVXQ has released the teaser for “Humanoids“, a follow up song for “Catch Me“.

The teaser shows the two members dressed in colorful jackets, contrasting to the background of the set as well as the backdancers while showing off their usual impeccable choreography. A teaser of the song had been released during their world tour, but an official teaser was uploaded earlier today onto SMTown‘s official YouTube channel.

The song is set to release on November 26th. Check out the teaser below!

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[News] 121119 TVXQ! will Follow up with the Next Song ‘Humanoids’!


TVXQ! will follow up with their next song ‘ Humanoids.’


TVXQ! drew the attention with their powerful and differentiated performance for their new album ‘Catch Me’ and proved continuing popularity by ranking at 1st on the Gaon chart with the high record of album sales.


The follow-up song ‘Humanoids’ is in the hybrid electronic genre and has an experimental sound and it contains the message that the new generation should continue to move forward for a better future.


Especially, TVXQ! received an explosive response by performing ‘Humanoids’ for the first time at their concert in Seoul last weekend.


Moreover, the teaser video of ‘Humanoids’ will be released today through the official website, YouTube SMTOWN channel, YouTube TVXQ! channel, facebook SMTOWN and facebook TVXQ!.


Meanwhile, TVXQ! will perform at ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III’, which will be held at The Float @ Marina Bay in Singapore on November 23rd and SCG stadium in Thailand on November 25th.


[Korean script]


동방신기, 신곡 ‘Humanoids’로 후속곡 활동!

뮤직비디오 티저 영상 19일 전 세계 공개!


동방신기가 신곡 ‘Humanoids(휴머노이드)’로 후속곡 활동에 나선다.


동방신기는 새 앨범 ‘Catch Me’로 오랜만에 국내 컴백해 ‘헐크 댄스’, ‘드래곤 댄스’ 등 동방신기 특유의 강렬하고 차별화된 퍼포먼스로 주목받았음은 물론, 높은 음반판매량을 기록하며 가온차트 1위를 차지하는 등 변함없는 인기를 확인시켜 준 바 있다.


후속곡으로 선보이는 신곡 ‘Humanoids’는 다양한 리듬 패턴과 장르 요소가 혼합된 실험적인 사운드의 하이브리드 일렉트로닉 장르의 곡으로, 가사에는 새로운 세대들에게 더 나은 미래를 열기 위해 고민하며 현실에 안주하지 않고 앞으로 나아가자는 메시지를 담아 눈길을 끈다.


특히, 동방신기는 지난 주말 체조경기장에서 성황리에 펼쳐진 서울 콘서트 무대를 통해 후속곡 ‘Humanoids’를 최초 공개, 관객들의 폭발적인 호응을 얻은 만큼 ‘Catch Me’에 이어 다시 한번 음악 팬들을 매료시키기에 충분할 것으로 보인다.


더불어 19일(오늘)에는 콘서트에서 첫 공개한 ‘Humanoids’ 뮤직비디오 티저 영상을 동방신기 공식홈페이지 및 유튜브 에스엠타운 채널, 유튜브 동방신기 채널, 페이스북 에스엠타운, 페이스북 동방신기 등을 통해 전 세계에 공개해, 동방신기 후속곡 활동에 대한 관심을 더욱 높일 전망이다.


한편, 동방신기는 오는 23일 싱가포르 ‘더 플롯 앳 마리나 베이(The Float @ Marina Bay)’, 25일 방콕 ‘SCG 스타디움 (구 Yamaha Stadium)’에서 개최되는 ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III’에 참석할 예정이다.

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[News] TVXQ starts their world tour in Seoul, reveals follow-up track “Humanoid”

TVXQ kicked off the first leg of their first solo concert tour in four years with a bang on Sunday, at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Stadium to a crowd of 25,000 attendees.

Opening the epic concert, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin descended on wires from the sky, heralding the opening to the packed stadium. Starting with “Rising Sun”, the members met with some equipment problems as the backing track suddenly cut off during the performance of their second track. Yunho glibly rolled over the problem, however, remarking, “This stage was meant to capture all of your energy.”

“We’re so sorry for making [our fans] wait so long,” they said, before going through a plethora of performances, including songs from their new and old Korean albums as well as their Japanese singles.

Changmin performed his solo ballad “Confession”, followed by Yunho’s sexy performance of “Hunny Funny Bunny”. The best was yet to come, however, as TVXQ announced that they would be teasing the audience with performances of  their follow-up promotion track, “Humanoid”.

Check it out below:


“It’s our first concert in four years, so our staff members worked very hard. Let’s work to create this concert together,” Yunho said to the stadium. “I feel like your energy is being directed towards us.”

“We’d like to reveal our greatness to as many people as possible,” Changmin added.

The concert shot to its crescendo with a performance of their newest title track, “Catch Me”, as well as“Keep Your Head Down” from their previous album. When the fans clamored for an encore, TVXQ responded by performing their classic hit, “Mirotic”, as well as “I’ll Be There”.


Using state-of-the-art special effects (including 3D mapping technology) and various equipment to bring the performers closer to the audience and their fans, TVXQ’s first leg of their world tour signaled to the world that their hiatus was over.


Super Junior‘s Donghae and EXO took a group photo to show support for TVXQ and many other celebrities also showed their support.


Congratulations to TVXQ for a successful first tour leg.

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