[Info] Tohoshinki’s New Interview: 2013 Resolution and their Private Lives

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Tohoshinki will release their new single “Catch Me -If you wanna-” on January 16th.

They shared their thoughts for their new song and private lives during this interview.

Their new song is a romantic dance number composed with a prideful man’s regretful emotions who said good bye to his lover. This song is now on air as a main OST of a drama “Saki”(every Tuesday 22 p.m.) on Kansai and Fuji TV. It features with “Hulk dance” where duo and dancers linked their arms together to form huge arms, choreographed by Tony Testa who worked with Michael Jackson in the past.
A dew type of acrobatic dance is a highlight of this song.

How is a new song “Catch me -If you wanna-” turn out to be?

Yunho: It’s the most easy-listening melody line so far. The formation of dance is very distinctive, so I would like
audience to enjoy the song and performance together.

Changmin: The MV shooting was extremely physically demanding to the point my body would be broken into pieces. We worked really hard on this song so please look forward.

What is your favorite thing to do in your private recently?

Yunho: I like to watch movies from 90s nowadays. I was given courage especially from “Forest Gump”. I was inspired by Gump’s positive mind and his attitude to aim for his dream. It was really good.

Changmin: I like to build models recently. I found a model of starship from Star Wars the other day and I was going to buy. But it was out of production and sold ten times as much as original price. I understood depth of models then(smile).

It’s been cold recently. How do you two enjoy winter?

Yunho: I’m a type of person who enjoy coldness of winter. I like to walk in town with my friends or have a snowball fight(smile). It makes me happy when I come home and have a warm tea.

Changmin: I enjoy eating a hot pot in a warm room and taking a walk. It makes me feels good when I make my inner body warm(with warm food) and take a fresh cold air in.

Tell us your resolution for 2013

Yunho: I want to do my best with all my might this year to show new Tohoshinki. Not only a new album and tour, but also a new field. I’d like to challenge and show you my best.

Changmin: I’d like to make fun memories with my fans through various activities as Tohoshinki this year.

First Five-Dome tour
Beginning in April, Tohoshinki will start their first Five-Dome tour. They will open a new year with evolution.

Tour Schedule

April 27, 28, 29 (Sat, Sun, Mon-holiday) Saitama Super Arena(Stadium mode)
May 10, 11 (Fri, Sat) Nagoya Dome
May 25, 26 (Sat, Sun) Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome
June 5, 6 (Wed, Thu) Kyocera Dome Osaka
June 15, 16 (Sat, Sun) Tokyo Dome

*Sapporo Dome schedule is in the process of adjustment

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[Pic] 1310102 Staff Diary’s Update – TVXQ and New Year 2013

tvxq happy new year


The staff were just mentioning that if Cassiopeia liked the phone call from yesterday.

They were also mentioning that Yunho will appear in “Queen of Ambition” (Yawang) staring January 14 at 9:55PM, Yunho characterizing Baek Dohoon.

They were also mentioning that Changmin will be MC in Kang Ho Dong’s program on January 22 at 11:20PM. It will be on KBS 2TV.

They ended saying Happy New Year once again. ^^


El staff solo estaban mencionando que si Cassiopeia le había gustado la llamada telefónica de ayer.

También estaban mencionando que Yunho aparecerá en “Queen of Ambition” (Yawang) empezando en enero 14 a las 9:55PM. Yunho caracterizará Baek Dohoon.

También estaban mencionando que Changmin será conductor en el programa de Kang Ho Dong en enero 22 a las 11:20PM. Será por KBS 2TV.

Terminaron diciendo Feliz Año Nuevo otra vez. ^^

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[Fancams] 130101 TVXQ at Sichuan TV 2013 New Year Concert

TVXQ – Why [Keep Your Head Down]

TVXQ – Catch Me

TVXQ – Humanoids

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[Trans] 130101 [Messages From TVXQ] 2013 New Year’s Messages From TVXQ

[T/N I: An explanation of the phrase ‘새해 복 많이 받으세요’: As the customary New Year greeting in Korea, the literal translation of this is ‘Hope you receive lots of good fortune in the new year’. The English equivalent is ‘Happy New Year’]

[T/N II: Also, 2013 is the Year of the Snake] 

[20130101 Special Message – From. MAX]

tvxq new yr cm

Let’s gobble up all the new year’s good fortune like a snake! ^^

[T/N: The term Changmin uses to describe ‘eat up’ in Korean is ‘낼름낼름’ which is used to describe the motion of a snake flicking its tongue in and out. There isn’t really an English equivalent of the term that captures its essence. (Which is a shame because I found this absolutely hilarious coming from him.)]

[20130101 Special Message – From. U-Know]

tvxq new yr yh

To. Cassiopeia~
2013, the new year is upon us~
Happy New Year, everyone~
And I hope every day is filled with laughter and joy for you~


[T/N I: Una explicación de la frase ‘새해 복 많이 받으세요’: Como el saludo de costumbre de Nuevo Año en Corea, la traducción literal de esto es ‘Espero que reciba(n) mucha buena fortuna in el año nuevo. El equivalente en español es ‘Feliz Año Nuevo’ ]

[T/N II: También, 2013 es el Año de la Serpiente]

[20130101 Mensaje Especial – From. MAX]

¡Hay que devorar toda la buena fortuna del año nuevo como una serpiente! ^^

[T/N: El término que Changmin usa para describir ‘comer-devorar’ en coreano es ‘낼름낼름’ en el cual es usado para describir el movimiento de una serpiente chasqueando su lengua para afuera y para adentro. No hay realmente un equivalente en español o inglés del término que captura su escencia. (Lo cual es una lástima porque escontré esto absolutamente gracioso que venga de él.)]

[20130101 Special Message – From. U-Know]


Para: Cassiopeia~

2013, el nuevo año está sobre nosotros~

Feliz Año Nuevo a todos~

Y espero que cada día esté lleno de risas y felicidad para ustedes~

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HoMinStyle’s Happy New Year Special Message

Hello, everyone!

I hope you are having a great day! ^ㅇ^

Maybe you are still in 2013 or still waiting for the new year like me, but I really want to thank all of you for your support and for encouraging me to do better. I’m so glad! Here’s a picture I made for you! ^^



All of you guys make me feel so happy, and I will try my best even when I have to study in university. ^^

Let’s continue together and support and love TVXQ more and make TVXQ happy too. TVXQ deserves lots and lots of love after all they have gone through. I admire them and hopefully Cassiopeia, Bigeast, and IFans get to be more admired in 2013! Wish you all the best! Happy New Year 2013 everyone and hopefully we can continue sharing good memories that will be remembered forever.

TVXQ is our life. TVXQ is legacy. We’re Still Standing Here.

Thank you very much again! ^ㅇ^

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