[Pics+Trans] 130118 Tohoshinki – Bigeast Staff Report

Here’s introducing the photo session for the album cover of ‘Catch Me -If you wanna-”~ (^^)
The cover was taken in two styles! It was smoothly done throughout the photo taking ♪ With two different-looking concepts, it became the cover photos that will leave an impression (^^)v

Catch Me - If you wanna3


Yunho who made a determining pose. Perfect.

Catch Me - If you wanna4


Seeing Changmin’s expressions through the mirror is very heart thumping. Continue reading

[Trans] 130111 Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin

Question : What animal do you think you’re like?

Yunho : A hawk. Because I’m always aiming to fly higher

Changmin : A deer. Fans call me that sometime~

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[News] TVXQ’s Catch Me has a little more than 9 million views!!!


Congratulations, Cassiopeia and Bigeast and International fans! We have made it to 9 million views! We now need more than that and keep supporting TVXQ! ^^ ♥ Hwaiting! Ganbatte!

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[Trans] 110928 The Special Message In TVXQ’s New Japanese Album

TVXQ have left a special message for their fans in their new Japanese album.

On the 28th, TVXQ released their new album ‘TONE’ in Japan. As the first album in two years since ‘Secret Code’ in 2009, ‘TONE’ has become a hot topic for containing a hidden message from TVXQ. The members make a greeting to their fans through the booklet that contains the lyrics of their songs.

The message can’t be found if one just look through the album. But if one happens to take the cellophane that is included in the album and place it on top of the lyrics, one will see that there are words that are in a different color. When these words are put together, they create a sentence. The message contains sentences like, “We love you. We’ll be by your side forever. Let’s walk down this path together.”

In the ‘Bigeast’ version of the album, the words ‘heart 愛してる いつもありがと これからもwith bigeast 歩いていこう 大好きだよ’ can be extracted from the lyrics of five songs. This comes out to mean ‘We love you. We’re always thankful. We want to keep walking down this path with Bigeast. We really like you.

In the CD+DVD version, the words ‘一緒にこれからも歩いていこう ずっと傍にいるよ こ れからも一緒に歩いていくよ 愛してる’ can be found from a total of six songs and these words mean, ‘We want to keep walking down this path with you. We’ll be by your side forever. We want to keep walking down this path with you. We love you.’

A total of 13 songs are in the album and they include ‘B.U.T’, ‘Why? (Keep Your Head Down)’, ‘Super Star’ and ‘I don’t know’.

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[Trans] 110928 Tohoshinki, “We Don’t Want To Let Down Our Fans, So We Will Continue To Do Our Best”

After about a two year absence, it is Tohoshinki’s first album “Tone”, after restarting activities. To celebrate the release of this album on September 28th, for a limited time from September 27th until 9:00pm on Septembe 29th , there will be a huge visual display at Shinjuku Station Square. Before the start of this exhibition on September 27th at 4:00pm, it was announced that Tohoshinki’s Yunho and Changmin will sign this visual display and therefore a press conference was held.

Regarding their new album, “For all our fans that supported us throughout, we have poured all our feelings of gratitude and created this album with all our efforts”; even for these two, this album is full of strong thoughts and feelings of gratitude towards the fans. So in order to convey those feelings to all their fans, they decided to make a huge visual display (12m x 9m high) at the passenger terminal station in Shinjuku.

Furthermore, it was planned that Tohoshinki would go to Shinjuku Station Square and directly deliver their thoughts. But due to the rush of fans that also arrived at the Station Square, it was decided that to avoid any confusion that the interview would be moved to Avex headquarters.

At Avex headquarters, due to safety reasons, the visual display was limited to a height of 5m. But even then it was powerful, Changmin commented, “It’s really big isn’t it. That’s all I that comes to mind.” With that, two of them used a big marker, naturally, and left big autographs on the big display. “Even the pen is big, so I have to make the autograph big too. I fet like I was dancing while writing it,” Yunho said. Continue reading