[Pic+Trans] 130121 Yunho Twitter Update



@actorwin1: 배우 정윤호 팬분들이 짚업 후드티를 배우들과 스탭들에게 선사했습니다 따뜻하게 잘 입을께요^^

@actorwin1: Actor Jung Yunho’s fans sent in hoodies to the actors and staffs. We will wear them warmly ^^

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[Trans+Pics] Yunho filming in Yawang – Twitter Updates

KoColonel: Our Dohoon-kun is spag~~hetti chef^^Ah~he is so awesome!!^^All of us have already made a promise to watch the broadcast right^^b Let’s all be~~high!!^^b Sorry for the secret shot of Dohoon-kun from the monitor^^


sujin_sbs: The first filming day for Yunho-sshi with Yawang B team! Now is the unfolding of Baek Dohoon’s cooking lesson. Baek Dohoon is also a character who is good in cooking keke

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[Pic] 1310102 Staff Diary’s Update – TVXQ and New Year 2013

tvxq happy new year


The staff were just mentioning that if Cassiopeia liked the phone call from yesterday.

They were also mentioning that Yunho will appear in “Queen of Ambition” (Yawang) staring January 14 at 9:55PM, Yunho characterizing Baek Dohoon.

They were also mentioning that Changmin will be MC in Kang Ho Dong’s program on January 22 at 11:20PM. It will be on KBS 2TV.

They ended saying Happy New Year once again. ^^


El staff solo estaban mencionando que si Cassiopeia le había gustado la llamada telefónica de ayer.

También estaban mencionando que Yunho aparecerá en “Queen of Ambition” (Yawang) empezando en enero 14 a las 9:55PM. Yunho caracterizará Baek Dohoon.

También estaban mencionando que Changmin será conductor en el programa de Kang Ho Dong en enero 22 a las 11:20PM. Será por KBS 2TV.

Terminaron diciendo Feliz Año Nuevo otra vez. ^^

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[Pic+Trans] Yunho with Kim Hong Seob Twitter Update



@actorwin1: 우리 야왕 드디어 세트들어왔어요 오잉?백도훈이 왔어요ㅋ 그래서트친님들에게 공개드려요 윤호씨고마워여 하이~~복많이 받으세여^^ 백도훈이에여~~^^

English Trans:

@actorwin1: I just came from our set for “Yawang” oing? Baek Dohoon came ha And so to Yunho who came I’m so thankful and hi~~ Happy new year^^ This is Baek Dohoon~~^^

Traducción español:

@actorwin1: Acabo de llegar de nuestro set de “Yawang” oing? Baek Dohoon came ja Y también Yunho quien vino Estoy muy agradecido y hola~~ Feliz año nuevo^^ Este es Baek Dohoon~~^^

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[Pic] 121227 Twitter Update – TVXQ at Sichuan Concert

tvxq sichuan

@smtownglobal: “TVXQ! had a great time @ Sichuan TV New Year’s Eve Concert thanks to all the great fans that came out. Thank you!”

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