[Trans] 130116 Max Changmin Says, “Kyu Hyun Told Me To Be Prepared To Be Criticized For Just 100 Days”

Ahead of his first gig as a MC, TVXQ’s Max Changmin confessed that he sought out advice from Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun.

A press conference for KBS 2TV’s new variety program ‘Moonlight Prince’ was held on the 16th in Yeoido.

‘Moonlight Prince’ is a program that shares books with viewers and stars, and then also makes donations. It will be based on the MCs and the guests sharing stories and responding to questions from viewers.

[Vids+Pics] 130116 Changmin at Moonlight Prince Press Conference

Regarding his new challenge, Max Changmin confessed, “The pressure is driving me crazy.” He added, “I always feel pressured and nervous whenever I’m not on set. I’m not trying to candy coat anything, but when I meet the other four, the nervousness and pressure seem to mysteriously disappear,” and “I find them to be very reliable.”

He also revealed that he received advice from his variety show MC senior, Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun. He said, “Kyu Hyun told me, ‘Just relax  and prepare to be criticized and anyone and everyone for the first 100 days, no more, no less.’ He also said, ‘If you follow and take care of the other guys, you’ll do well.’ So I’ll take his advice and do my job without worrying about it.”

When asked a question comparing Max Changmin to Lee Seung Gi, who worked with Kang Ho Dong on ’2 Days, 1 Night’, Kang Ho Dong said, “The Lee Seung Gi people saw with amazing backdrops behind them is different from the Max Changmin people will see, surrounded by books in a studio,” and “I believe a person’s unique charm and effort is important. I believe the similarity between Lee Seung Gi and Changmin is that they both try their best, no matter where they are. I can’t wait for his infinite potential to unfold. I will do my best to help him as a senior, and an older figure.”

Kang Ho Dong, Tak Jae Hoon, Jung Jae Hyung, Brave Brothers and Max Changmin’s ‘Moonlight Prince’ will begin airing at 11:10pm on the 22nd. The first episode’s guest is Lee Seo Jin and the second episode’s is Lee Da Hae.

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[Trans] 130116 Max Changmin Talks About ‘Moonlight Prince’, “I Couldn’t Sleep Well Because I Was So Worried”

TVXQ’s Max Changmin talked about his first experience on ‘Moonlight Prince’.

Max Changmin attended the press conference of KBS 2TV’s new variety program ‘Moonlight Prince’, which was held in Yeoido on the 16th, and stated, “After the our first filming session, I went home thinking, ‘It’s not as easy as I thought it would be.’”

He talked about the pressure he feels when he said, “I couldn’t sleep well because I was so worried,” and he also added, “Though there are many difficulties, the four people I’m working with are so dependable. I’m learning as I follow them, and I think I’ll get better if I work hard.”

[Vids+Pics] 130116 Changmin at Moonlight Prince Press Conference

Max Changmin commented, “I think it’s a program that has a more exciting future than the present.”

Meanwhile, ‘Moonlight Prince’ is a book-based talk show that features Kang Ho Dong, Tak Jae Hoon, Jung Jae Hyung, Brave Brothers and Max Changmin as the MCs. Each week, a guest will choose the book and the theme of the talk will be based on the book that is chosen. As the follow-up program of ‘Win Win’, the show will begin airing on the 22nd.

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[Trans] 130115 ‘Moonlight Prince’ Will Be A Touching Book Talk Show, Not A Funny Variety Show ‘Laughter+Donations’

The veil has been uncovered from ‘Moonlight Prince’.

Kang Ho Dong’s new variety show KBS 2TV’s ‘Moonlight Prince’ (Moon Eun Ae/Lee Yae Ji) finished filming its first episode on the 12th of January.

With Lee Seo Jin as the first guest star, ‘Moonlight Prince’ held a closed-door filming session and drew attention as the entire staff and cast were in attendance two hours before filming began. Kang Ho Dong was busy working with the staff and preparing for the episode, but was seen nervously sweating bullets when filming began.

moonlight prince

However, the secret weapon of ‘Moonlight Prince’ is not Kang Ho Dong, but books. Though originally thought to be a funny variety talk show, ‘Moonlight Prince’ will have the guest stars choosing a book every week, and will be a show that chooses the subject of the talk based on the book. Therefore, every week will have a different theme that depends on which book the guest chooses.

The five princes, Kang Ho Dong, Max Changmin, Brave Brothers, Jung Jae Hyung and Tak Jae Hoon, will be taking keywords from the book and talking about their various thoughts and experiences based on those keywords. Money that is collected during the talk will be donated to a charity chosen by the guest every week, and will be based on the concept that shares the heart’s food and warmth through books.

The staff stated, “The filming of the first episode ended on a happy and joyous note. As this is our first episode, the show may be based on a format that the viewers are not used to, but we hope the viewers keep watching over the show with warmth.” Regarding the book talk format of the show, they also added, “We have prepared this program because we would like to read the books that have changed people’s lives together and share our life stories. This will help everyone think more, feel more, and understand each other better.”

‘Moonlight Prince’ will kick off on the 22nd of January at 11pm with ‘Venus Star’, the book chosen by Lee Seo Jin.

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