[Pics+Trans] 130118 Tohoshinki – Bigeast Staff Report

Here’s introducing the photo session for the album cover of ‘Catch Me -If you wanna-”~ (^^)
The cover was taken in two styles! It was smoothly done throughout the photo taking ♪ With two different-looking concepts, it became the cover photos that will leave an impression (^^)v

Catch Me - If you wanna3


Yunho who made a determining pose. Perfect.

Catch Me - If you wanna4


Seeing Changmin’s expressions through the mirror is very heart thumping.

Catch Me - If you wanna5


Changmin who is looking at his own photo that was just taken.

Catch Me - If you wanna6


Yunho who is discussing the style of the outfit with the staffs.

Source: Bigeast Official Site
Credit: irene_kidman@Twinshinki
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared by; hominstyle

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