[Pic+Trans] Yunho with Kim Hong Seob Twitter Update



@actorwin1: 우리 야왕 드디어 세트들어왔어요 오잉?백도훈이 왔어요ㅋ 그래서트친님들에게 공개드려요 윤호씨고마워여 하이~~복많이 받으세여^^ 백도훈이에여~~^^

English Trans:

@actorwin1: I just came from our set for “Yawang” oing? Baek Dohoon came ha And so to Yunho who came I’m so thankful and hi~~ Happy new year^^ This is Baek Dohoon~~^^

Traducción español:

@actorwin1: Acabo de llegar de nuestro set de “Yawang” oing? Baek Dohoon came ja Y también Yunho quien vino Estoy muy agradecido y hola~~ Feliz año nuevo^^ Este es Baek Dohoon~~^^

Credit: @actorwin1
Trans by: hominstyle

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