[Audio] 130101 TVXQ’s Phone Call to Cassiopeia


New Year Message (telephone) from TVXQ to Cassiopeia (translation)

YHCM: Hello? Happy New Year! 1,2,3 we are TVXQ.
YH: Are you surprised? We called you to send you new year greetings!
CM: so what is this years oriental (Chinese) zodiac sign? It’s snake year.
(YH: yes it is) For the new year, I hope that everyone keeps away from bad luck Iike the snake, and just keeps good fortune.
YH: yes, I would like everyone to have many good things to happen. We (TVXQ) will always be by your side and wish for your happiness.
Especially our beloved cassiopeia! I love you always. Let us continue to keep this strong bond between us.
YHCM: Thank you for listening, this was TVXQ!

(sorry some parts may not be exact but the message is pretty much what they were saying)

In Spanish subs:

Vid Credit: TVXQ2Toho + TransSubTSP @ YT 
Trans by: yhcm0218
Shared by: hominstyle

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