[Trans+Pics] 121207 Star Exclusive Report Part 5 (End): Our SM Town Family

This is the last part of NAVER Star Exclusive Report with TVXQ and will be covering their story when they went on their SM Town World Tour and the looks of SM Town family.

sm family


Hi everyone! I am U-Know Yunho. It’s already the last part of the star exclusive report. In this part, we will reveals photos of SM Town World Tour. The first photo was taken in SM Town Live at Singapore. That day was our big brother Kangta’s birthday! We had a birthday party before the concert. Ah! As f(x) was preparing for the opening act, they were not seen here~~ The commemorative photo with everyone! Hyung! Happy birthday ^^

sm family1


We took a photo with the cute maknaes EXO while preparing for the birthday party! A special pose for star exclusive report. The grateful dongsaengs. As they are friends who have been working hard, please do support them. ^^ They are very kind!

sm family2


It’s SHINee Minho this time~ Minho is really a dongsaeng who followed on with hyung’s footsteps! It’s like it is only a few days’ ago that SHINee debuted, and now they have became a handsome group! Shining SHINee, do continue fighting!

sm family3


Excluding me, it is the maknae line~ ^^ SHINee Taemin who is gradually becoming handsome and Yoona and Seo Hyun who are getting prettier. A photo that was not taken for a long while! Including our Changmin, everyone is the charismatic maknae.

sm family4


It’s with Super Junior this time~ ^^ These two who are becoming more like real brothers! With Donghae hyung and Shindong hyung~ The two who are filled with sense helped us promote ‘We Are T!’! Those who did came for the world tour will know this right? When we are shouting “We Are!”, what are you supposed to do? Just do a ‘T’ sign and shout with us. Please don’t forget this promise. ^^ “We Are T!”

sm family5


Now the Singapore concert has finished and we are going to Bangkok, Thailand. In a chartered flight with all the artistes and staffs, we also took a commemorative photo in the flight. Reliable Kangta hyung who have been giving me very good suggestions, and together with Super Junior’s Kangin hyung and Yesung hyung~ Everyone looked excited right? Ah~ Did you asked where did Changmin go? Changmin had another schedule thus he will take another flight to Bangkok. ^^

sm family6


In order to find the EXO brothers, I changed my seat. It’s really great to be able to move around in the chartered flight~ This photo was taken when we were talking about various topics! Looks like we were discussing some serious topics. Right next to me is EXO-K member Baek Hyun who had a cute expression on.

sm family7


Reaching the Bangkok airport and there were too many fans who welcomed us, thus I was shocked. Once again, thank you. For everyone’s safety, we had to ensure we move fast! It’s a photo I took with dear BoA! BoA is a friend who I can share my thoughts with. She’s also a senior to me, thus we had a lot of earnest topics and made many jokes too. Looking at this photo, seems that we heard fans’ cheers at that time too. Thank you!

sm family8


It’s the venue of Bangkok’s concert. After Singapore, Bangkok is a large scaled outdoor performance too. We were worried if it will rain heavily. The tired Changmin slept for a while in the waiting room. His eye mask is very cute right?

sm family9


Dongsaeng f(x) who passed by our waiting room! In order not to wake up Changmin, they quietly came in! Everyone took a commemorative photo! Changmin had no idea at all and still in his dream land! I wonder what reaction he has after seeing this photo. ^^

sm family10


The concert begin! I will go on stage first. This is SM Town Live’s interesting point~ Joint stage! I will be in a performance with dear Kyuhyun of Super Junior. In preparation before going on the stage.

sm family11

In the stage this time in Bangkok, SHINee Minho will make a surprise appearance. Usually we will bring a female audience on stage then Kyuhyun and I will do a love proposal act. But today Minho will replace the fan and be on stage. Seem like the fans’ cheering was louder! After the performance was done, another ‘Kyu line’ commemorative photo. ^^

sm family12

Okay! This time it’s our turn back as TVXQ on stage again. This photo seems good for a conclusion! Have everyone take a good look at our five-parter TVXQ’s star exclusive report? We find it interesting too that we are able to show our various looks that were not revealed usually. We are currently busy with the activities of ‘Humanoids’! We will do our best to show our developing selves and a more closer look at us in the future! Please do like TVXQ more~~~ Thank you!

sm family13


To NAVER star exclusive report…
Presenting the many facets of TVXQ… and to give so much love and support~ Thank you everyone ^^

… We will meet everyone again with a more handsome self~ Thus please do love and support ‘Humanoids’ more~

sm family14


Thank you all for loving ‘Naver Star Column’~ Please check our repackage, ‘HUMANOIDS’ Thank you~~~ ^_^


Source: naver
Credit: loveissammi
Trans by: rachui @ scy
Shared by: hominstyle

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