[Trans] 121129 Star Exclusive Report – TVXQ: Part 3 – Dream Humanoids‏

TVXQ recently successfully embarked on their world tour and now they are releasing a new single, ‘Humanoids’. It was slated to capture the attention of the public once again.

‘Humanoids’ MV was released recently at the official site of TVXQ, SM’s YouTube channel. SM TOWN Facebook page, TVXQ Facebook page, SMTOWN GLOBAL Twitter etc, and it showcased the different looks of TVXQ in this video clip that made one joyful, capturing everyone’s attention as well. Directed by Hong Won Ki, it was filmed in an indoor studio at Gwangju Gyeonggi-do and Ilsan. Electronic pop ‘Humanoids’ displayed the strong and powerful dance moves, allowing fans to see the all-new looks of TVXQ.

Let’s begin the revelation of the behind-the-scenes of ‘Humanoids’ MV by Naver’s Star Exclusive Report.


Hi everyone! We are TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. The photos showing off this time are from the filming site of ‘Humanoids’ MV. ‘Humanoids’ is similar to ‘Catch Me’ with strong powerful dance moves. As it has to be fully shown in MV, the appearance of the both of us has to be cooperated before the filming started. Additionally is the confirmation of the movement of the video cameras. Everything has to be seriously confirmed. Looking at it, it seems that my expressions are a bit stiff, while Changmin is more at eased. Haha! Though our expressions are different, our eye expressions are the same, the both of us are very sincere right? ^^



After filming one time, we have to check on the parts that are unsatisfied. Therefore monitoring is a must and we are monitoring right now. Changmin is the same as me, he is a perfectionist brother, therefore is even more professional than anyone. Not sure if he is not satisfied with the dance moves, thus he looked kinda solemn TT TT On the contrary I have a satisfied look, right? Through such process, a perfect MV belonging to TVXQ was born.



For the cool video, we have to repeatedly film again. The standby pose is very interesting, right? The moment of balancing myself by holding on to the dancer hyungs’ legs! Our eyes met at the same time, thus I smiled at that moment. Different from the dancer hyungs’ serious poses, it really looked like a mischievous kid’s expression. ^^ What is the expression of Changmin who was sitting behind me? I am curious about it suddenly.



Due to the repetitive filming, we were exhausted and in tough times. But we still joked around with the dancer hyungs and worked hard to make the filming site more interesting. Though everyone were very exhausted, the looks of joking and fooling around is still very heartwarming right? The group of us who smiles no matter how tiring we are, this is real family! ^ –



Finally revealing the photo of a worn-out Yunho hyung! Keke this was during a break. The long duration of filming made us exhausted gradually. Yunho hyung’s expression seems very bad right? Me, who sniggered behind him, really seems like a naughty guy right? Though the both of us looks exhausted, when the camera lights are on, our energy came out in a swoosh.



Looking at this photo, I thought of the interviews that happened in between filming and the things that happened during the serious filming. ^^ Towards filming, my serious looks were emphasized. Let’s begin introducing today’s site. On the other hand, Changmin will be discussing to the director and working hard to create a better stage. You should be able to feel the passion of our preparation for ‘Humanoids’ through Changmin who is forever earnest, right?



This is a photo taken during ‘Catch Me’ activities. Returning with a brand new album and wanted to show a variety of outlooks to fans, thus we engaged in activities earnestly. That day was an interview day and though I was very tired but the thought of everyone’s presence, I kept my spirit up and showed my smiles.



It’s the broadcast of ‘Catch Me’ today and I have worn my microphone, ready to be on stage! I personally felt that it was an impromptu photo and it was thus one of the photo that I like. Do I look stiff? Haha In fact, ‘I am not nervous at all before appearing on stage’ is fake! I will still feel a bit nervousness and that was an important factor for the best stage.



Doo-dong~ If I were to describe this photo, it would be about my looks where I am totally immersed in my own world with the guitar practice. Though my guitar recital is still not that sufficient, but I have practiced real hard. If I had a chance in the future, I would let everyone hear it. Though it is still an embarrassing ability! However in order to present new looks to all fans, TVXQ will do what we can and please do not forget!



Whenever there is a poster shooting, I would feel joyful about what style will I transform this time. I look very happy right? What do you think of my transformation (right)? It was a bit awkward towards such nostalgic clothing and hairstyle as it was my first time. But I am also very refreshing towards my queer look!



Especially revealing my cute expression. Everybody liking it? ^^ Now we are ready for ‘Humanoids’ activities. Please do anticipate the stage and we will work hard in presenting a serious activity for everyone. Therefore please give us support and love!

Credit: news.naver
Credit: loveissammi
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared by: hominstyle

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