[News] 121125 TVXQ comes back with “Humanoids” on Inkigayo

Powerful duo TVXQ is back with a follow-up track “Humanoids” on today’s episode of Inkigayo!

Coming back from their last single “Catch Me,” the duo performed their new follow-up track at a recent concert in Seoul, and Inkigayo viewers were able to watch the performance on today’s show.

The fast-paced track features many similar qualities has “Catch Me,” such as electronic and synth instrumentals as well as a plethora of vocal effects. With a more monotone verse and pre-chorus, the chorus of “Humanoids” goes into a soaring three-note melody that highlights the vocal skills of Changmin and Yunho.

TVXQ performed “Humanoids” today dressed in more casual outfits than their “Catch Me” promotions, donning casual t-shirts and trendy blazers. The duo was still able to show off their powerful and manly image, with a strong choreography and vocal performance.

What do you think of their new track?

Video Credit: i5598881 @ YT
Credit: Miranda @ Koreaboo
Shared by: hominstyle


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