[News] 121122 121122 Yunho in the Hallyu musical “Gwanghwamun Love Song”

On the 21st Tohoshinki’s Yunho(26) finished his appearance in the hallyu musical “Gwanghwamun Love Song” which is going on at Osaka’s Shinkabukiza (going on until 12/2). The story takes place in the 80′s when democratization was taking place, which became a trouble for the young lovers. During the scene when Sang-hoon the composer which Yunho plays says goodbye to the woman he loves, you were able to hear the cries from the full house audience.

During the encore, Yunho called out in Japanese “Everyone together!” and sang “Kono Sekai wo Ikite mireba” (If you try living this world) and “Akai Yuuyake” (Red Sunset). To the cheers from Osaka, Yunho commented “I have only to appreciate to all the audience, that watched this with concentration, and for all the support that was given, even though we have met through the difference of language”.

Even though Yunho’s appearance was only until this day, until the 24th MBLAQ’s Seungho, 25th~12/2 will be by SeongJae from SeuperNova and other singers from KPOP groups will also be making an appearance.

Source: nikkansports
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