[News] TVXQ starts their world tour in Seoul, reveals follow-up track “Humanoid”

TVXQ kicked off the first leg of their first solo concert tour in four years with a bang on Sunday, at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Stadium to a crowd of 25,000 attendees.

Opening the epic concert, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin descended on wires from the sky, heralding the opening to the packed stadium. Starting with “Rising Sun”, the members met with some equipment problems as the backing track suddenly cut off during the performance of their second track. Yunho glibly rolled over the problem, however, remarking, “This stage was meant to capture all of your energy.”

“We’re so sorry for making [our fans] wait so long,” they said, before going through a plethora of performances, including songs from their new and old Korean albums as well as their Japanese singles.

Changmin performed his solo ballad “Confession”, followed by Yunho’s sexy performance of “Hunny Funny Bunny”. The best was yet to come, however, as TVXQ announced that they would be teasing the audience with performances of  their follow-up promotion track, “Humanoid”.

Check it out below:


“It’s our first concert in four years, so our staff members worked very hard. Let’s work to create this concert together,” Yunho said to the stadium. “I feel like your energy is being directed towards us.”

“We’d like to reveal our greatness to as many people as possible,” Changmin added.

The concert shot to its crescendo with a performance of their newest title track, “Catch Me”, as well as“Keep Your Head Down” from their previous album. When the fans clamored for an encore, TVXQ responded by performing their classic hit, “Mirotic”, as well as “I’ll Be There”.


Using state-of-the-art special effects (including 3D mapping technology) and various equipment to bring the performers closer to the audience and their fans, TVXQ’s first leg of their world tour signaled to the world that their hiatus was over.


Super Junior‘s Donghae and EXO took a group photo to show support for TVXQ and many other celebrities also showed their support.


Congratulations to TVXQ for a successful first tour leg.

[thanks to everyone who sent this in.]

Credit: MountainMadman @ allkpop
Shared by: hominstyle

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