[Trans+Pics] TVXQ Photo Story “For echos” Part 2

YH: Clothes used for practicing retreat! Adding on to be revealed is pictures taken while filming <Catch Me> MV, it’s taken pretty well right? Looks very sincere, actually I didn’t know I was being taken a picture. A comeback after so long, filming MV with a super focus MODE^^ (I) was a little nervous, (my) face is also stiff. Must give out a POWERFUL performance, so the clothes is also powerful!

CM: It’s already the third day of filming, the dance movements for <Catch Me> are powerful, so even if (we) only dance one time will also be breathless, I am not sure how many times we danced already ^^; because (we/I) want a better performance, so styling our hair and checking clothes again~also not sure how many nights backstage crew has stayed. People who suffered for us, (I) want to use this change to express our gratitude to everyone. Understand their efforts, that’s why no matter how suffering it is, Changmin will always work hard to maintain this smile.

CM: A picture of the dancing, looking at this picture, realised dancers hyungdeul*’s high difficulty movements are more obvious! To digest dance movements of <Catch Me> background dancers hyungdeul are also very tired! Hyungdeul are the best DANCER! As they have worked with us together for a long time, thinking of the filming it’s really interesting. When it’s hard, (we’ll) encourage each other, and finish the filming successfully, really want to applause for hardworking hyungseul, pakpakpak**~
*hyungdeul = plural form of hyung
**pakpakpak = sound of clapping
CM: Discussing the dance movements with dancers hyungdeul, look very happy? The way I see this picture (we are) also very elated! Dancer hyungdeul seems to be infected by my smiles too! Even if it’s hard, the smiles while filming never stop, calm yet contagious, the smile became my biggest motivation^^Yunho hyung is also the same as me, haha!
YH: Continue to change clothings, hair style, and filming again. Filming repeatedly, everyone looks very tired, but remember of coming out with new song to meet everyone, so we filmed even more seriously. Dancer hyungdeul and I look so tired we are about to collapse, but Changmin still carry a smile, an image like he is still able to go on, feeling surprised at maknae’s body strength again. (He) still can smile under that situation! Sincerely feeling proud of you, my dongsaeng!
YH: Personally like this photo most out of many photos, seems like it’s taken while filming MV~um! Although filming MV is hard, but this is the best first way to bring our new music and performance to media and fans, so (I am) more passionate in facing this. While troubling “Will audience like it?”, (I am) also thinking we are gonna bring all these out and meet everyone^^
* Not to be used as materials on places that do not support TV5XQ/Yunho/Changmin.
Trans: (Kor-Chi trans. loveissammi;weibo) + (Chi-Eng trans. yunhosan;twitter)
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