[Trans+Pics] TVXQ Photo Story “For echos” Part 1

YH: Hello, I am TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, greeting using words like this is really a bit awkward! From now onward is our photos and stories, hope everyone can enjoy well^^ The photo I first choose is this! My image from practicing for world tour live, preparing for the new song that will be revealed on stage, is really handsome right? But because it’s bare face, so please don’t look at it too carefully, haha!

YH: For better screening, (I) went to recording studio straight. Like songs with soothing melody, compared to (showing it) on television, there is more to perform in concerts, so there must be more screening during practices. For fans who came, even if I practice 100 times it’s still not enough, the feeling is something I cannot control. As we are preparing seriously, please anticipate our stage! Oh yes, this picture shows only the back-view, is it depressing? Or no?

CM: Ah! It’s me, hello, I am TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin! How are you recently? The weather is really very cold, please be careful don’t get a cold~huhu..starting lines are too long^^ my first picture really is similar to Yunho hyung’s, picture of (me) singing, can you see? The image full of emotions! If I know manager hyung is taking photo, I will take care of my emotions, lucky my face is covered by the microphone, huhu!

CM: Finally! It’s TVXQ two person, it’s dance studio here, there’s a lot of dance movements to remember for the concert ㅠㅠ there’s dances performed recently, and new choreography, plus dance movements that are changed for some songs, so things to do is piling up like a mounting! Recently it’s like the army, practicing until 4AM, although it’s tiring, but (I am) more excited for the concert than anyone else, so I must build up my energy!

YH: This is the picture manager hyung took while practicing. I personally think this picture looks very natural, so I like it a lot. Usually there’s only leadership charismatic expression on stage, doing a cute (?) expression like this, how do everyone feels? I am also a man who is very gentle! The grey tracking pants is SERVICE^^ although tired, but taking photos and I suddenly energy UP!

YH: Wearing clothes like this, look very suitable right? Wearing comfortable clothes during practices, attention will also increase~ ah right, the thing Changmin take, the solid body is a phone! Grabbing it like this in our hands, no matter what it is, it will look like a microphone, this is a weird situation! I am also a fake microphone, but it looks even more real than usual right?^^ Practicing is like real battle, real battle must be like practices! AZA!

CM: It’s the day to film the concert’s video, there’s no Yunho hyung today, only myself~ the partner who will be going on stage (with me) is who? Please confirm it at the concert. Must be very curious who is it right? If you’re curious, $500! ^^ Please anticipate the video we will be bringing for the concert~ it’s (a video) that used a lot of our different ideas. Also, standing in front of the camera alone is very awkward, I miss Yunho hyung’s empty space. Hyung~faster come back~dongsaeng is waiting for you~


Changmin is so cute in the last section, saying that he misses his Yunho hyung~ ^^ And Changmin is so funny when he said it was good to know that his face didn’t show much. xD

Yunho is being so funny when he said not to look at the first picture with attention because he has no makeup xD and if it was depressing to see his back. Yunho-sshi, everything is fine! 😛

I love their practice clothing. They look so comfortable. 🙂


* Not to be used as materials on places that do not support TV5XQ/Yunho/Changmin.
Trans: (Kor-Chi trans. loveissammi;weibo) + (Chi-Eng trans. yunhosan;twitter)
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