[News] Lee Jung Hyun reveals story when Yunho greeted her in just a bathrobe

Lee Jung Hyun shared her story of seeing Yunho in just a bathrobe on the November 6th episode of ‘Strong Heart‘.

Lee Jung Hyun said, “There is one thing I am really thankful to Yunho about. In addition to his other duties, Son Ji Chang sunbae also plans concerts. He planned a Hallyu concert in Jeju Island, but only TVXQ and I were invited. After the concert, Son Ji Chang sunbae said, ‘Jung Hyun, let’s go to TVXQ’s room for a drink‘. I told him yes and inside my mind I was very thankful.

She continued, “When the time came, I went to TVXQ’s suite. When the door opened, there was a large room with a canopy bed, and you could see a great ocean view from Jeju Island through the window with billowing silk curtains. Changmin was sitting with an open can of beer and he greeted me.

Because Yunho was nowhere to be seen, Lee Jung Hyun had asked Changmin where he was. Yunho then appeared suddenly from the bathroom wearing nothing but a bathrobe, drying his hair with a towel and greeted her.

When MC Shin Dong Yup heard this, he asked Yunho, “Were you naked under the robe?” and Yunho said, “I definitely remember wearing a t-shirt on top“. Hearing this, Park Kyung Lim asked, “Then were you wearing nothing down there?“.

Flustered, Yunho answered, “I didn’t think Lee Jung Hyun sunbae would show up then. I opened the door and she was there, but it would be weird if I made a scene. So I just greeted her naturally. The important thing is that I don’t remember if I was wearing pants or not back then.

Super Junior‘s Yesung added, “He usually wears long t-shirts and no underwear underneath.

Credit: Nate
Source+Trans: jennywill @ allkpop
Shared by: hominstyle

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