[News] 121106 TVXQ’s Changmin reveals the content of his bag on ‘Strong Heart’


TVXQ‘s Changmin revealed the contents of his bag on ‘Strong Heart‘.

On the show, Changmin revealed, “I have a habit of carrying around everything I need in my bag.”Yesung then chimed in, “Recently, we went on a trip with the artists from our label. At one point during the trip we didn’t know what to do because we couldn’t open a wine bottle, but all of a sudden Changmin took out a bottle opener from his bag and surprised everyone.

The contents of his bag was revealed soon afterwards. He first pulled out a cloth bag and explained, “This is what I put my laundry in when I go overseas“. He then pulled out garlic extract, explaining it was for his health, he then pulled out bandages, a spool of thread and a needle. He said, “When we perform our choreography, we often get hurt so I carry bandages around. I take the needle and thread around to poke my thumb when I get an upset stomach.” (Koreans cure stomachaches and indigestion with a needle prick on the thumb to let out the ‘bad blood’).

Credit: Nate
Trans+Source: jennywill @ allkpop
Shared by: hominstyle

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