[Vid+Trans] 111004 Tohoshinki in NTV Oha!4

credit: yuntancyan

Nakada: The Korean popular music unit Tohoshinki. The album which was released last week sold more than 200 thousand copies in one week, and they were ranked on the top of the Oricon weekly chart. This time, I, Nakada, went to interview the charms of Tohoshinki, who released their newest album, and have become more powerful.

Nakada: About the album TONE, how was it completed?
Yunho: New challenges, the charms of the two members, those are really incorporated in the album.

Nakada: Tohoshinki has resumed their activities from November last year, and this album is their release since 2 and a half years in Japan.

Nakada: This time, you have changed the images for the filming, and there is the MV. Wasn’t it very difficult?
Changmin: It was at the time we filmed the “B.U.T” PV, Yunho had a fighting scene, and I think it was more difficult for him.
Nakada: In the MV, Yunho-san challenged an action scene without a stunt man. He made a wonderful dropkick to a man of square shoulders.

Nakada: You raised your feet so high, and your kick was just right.
Yunho: I was learning Taekwondo..

Nakada: Yunho-san was learning the Korean national sport Taekwondo with unique footworks, and the Japanese martial art Aikido when he was little.

Yunho: In order to show you the grown Tohoshinki, I thought it would be better if there was a fighting scene, so I made a request to the producer. Then he said, “Let’s do it!”
Changmin: I was watching the man who was knocked down by Yunho, and I was relieved that it was not me. Thus, the filming was completed safety.

Nakada: They were giving out many of their own ideas, and are searching for their new Tohoshinki. This year, they are positively holding live concerts with their new songs.

Nakada: The stages of you two are so powerful, and everyone watching your stages were receiving powers from both of you.
Yunho: On the other hand, everyone is cheering for us in a loud voice, so we are receiving power from everyone.
Changmin: Yes

MC: That was great! How did you see them.
MC: They were very serious, and also, very cool!
MC: Yes
Nakada: I actually met them… all the Korean artists are famous for their politeness. And for Tohoshinki, though they are really big stars, they properly greeted me, it seemed that my back was straightened.
MC: The Samurai spirit, or Taekwondo, they are polite and respectful in every way.
Nakada: They are really polite.
MC: I thought that kick was great! Hirota-san, how did you see that?
MC: He raised his feet to such a high place..
MC: Did you focus on that point?
MC: Yes
MC: The height..
MC: How about their fingertips?
MC: Yes, they were concentrating even to their fingertips..
Nakada: There are so many Japanese lyrics, they were saying that it was hard for them to memorize all of them. There are so many charms of the new Tohoshinki in this album. Let’s support Tohoshinki from now on, too.

Source: yuntancyan@youtube
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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