[Trans] 111003 TVXQ “5 Becomes 2” Performance In Beijing, Speaks Chinese & Praises Fans As “Great”

After 2 long years, popular group TVXQ has finally come back to greet the Chinese fans with their new Korean album “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” On 2 October, the “TVXQ! Asia Fan Party 2011 in Beijing” was held at the Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium.

Expressing their determination to challenge dramas, Thanks the “Xia Yu He*” fans for waiting.

That afternoon, the two members of TVXQ held a press conference. During this press conference, both men appeared in smart black suits. After a short greeting, both men earnestly said that it’s been two years, and they really missed the fans. Following that was a Q & A session, and due to Yunho’s recent participation in “Poseidon,” they were asked about their future progress into dramas. To this, Shim Changmin confirmed that they indeed had the intention to challenge dramas, and would like to work with skilled actors in China, so as to improve on their own acting skills.

When asked about their impression of the Beijing fans, Jung Yunho said that Chinese, Korean and Japanese fans are all equally passionate, and are “especially quick at catching up.” The members also got to know from a member of the press that aside from the name “Cassiopeia,” the Chinese fans had another nickname, called “Xia Yu He”, which refers to “A woman who waits for her king to return.” To this, TVXQ said that they can understand the feelings of the “Xia Yu He”, and are thankful for the unchanging support from these “Xia Yu He.”

Old songs and new provide unending excitement, Shows off “Beijing language” during talk session.

Even before the performances started, there was not a single empty seat in the house. The excited fans who have been waiting for two years finally had a chance to show their idols the pain of their wait waved their red penlights excitedly, creating a sea of glowing red.  At 7.30pm on the dot, the powerful dance show started, inciting endless screams, with all the fans chanting “Jung Yunho” as a response.  Following which, the appearance of Changmin once again led to another round of screams, the unique high-pitched voice “adding fuel to the fire” of the atmosphere. The first song that was performed during the fan party was the soothing ballad “SHE” from their new album, and the two men’s perfect vocals brought to the fans a different kind of enjoyment.

During the fan party, aside from singing, talks and interactive sessions were arranged as well. The planning team also prepared some questions to test the two members about their knowledge of Beijing, such as “What is the flower that represents Beijing?” “What is the fixed population in Beijing?” and other specialized questions, putting TVXQ in a spot on stage. However, when asked “Is “Beijing language” a dialect?” The knowledgeable Changmin said “Beijing language” should be a dialect, because there are a lot of “er” sounds** used in their speech. TVXQ also learnt some “Beijing language” on the spot, saying “I’m really happy today” with very accurate pronunciation, bringing them closer to their fans.

Following that, both members were asked to create sentences with the popular Chinese netizen jargon “Gei Li” and  “You Mu You.” Yunho gave a thumbs up sign and with an expression of approval, said “Beijing fans are really great (Gei Li)” and Changmin cheekily said “I’m really handsome, aren’t I? (You Mu You)***.” This proves that both men really did ample preparations before coming for this fan party in Beijing. Yunho also said, if there is a chance, they would like to sing Chinese songs, and also divulged that they would be holding full-scale concerts next year for the fans. At the location, two video clips were shown, made by two different fans to express what they, as well as the majority of the fans wished to say to TVXQ, earning the agreement of the other fans present. Both members of TVXQ said really touched at the unwavering support from the fans.

After the interaction session, TVXQ performed a medley of past songs “The Way You Are + Mirotic + Rising Sun,” then closed the show with “Why (Keep Your Head Down).” Before leaving, TVXQ spoke clearly in Chinese, saying “Because of you (fans), we are fortunate.” “I’m really happy, are you guys happy?” and earned a passionate reply from the fans. After the performance ended, both men headed back to Korea to participate in the Dream concert in Gyeongju on 3 October, continuing to busy themselves with their activities.

(T/N: The following notes are just for those who are interested to know more about the Chinese words/slangs that were mentioned in the article. You do not need to read it if you don’t want to.

*“夏雨荷 (Xia Yu He)” is a name derived from a fictional character from a popular Chinese drama who fell in love with the emperor, even bearing him a child, waiting for his return until her death.

**The use of the “er” sound, or “儿化音 (Er Hua Yin)” refers to the use of “er” at the end of a word or phrase. For example, the phrase that TVXQ were taught “今儿很 高兴” (I’m really happy today)” changes the今天 (Jin Tian – “Today”) to 今儿 (Jin-er).

*** The Chinese netizen jargon “给力 (Gei Li)” – literally means to “Give Strength” meaning to show support, but in netizen terms also commonly refers to something that is “great” or “cool”.

有木有(You Mu You)” is actually an adaptation of “有没有(You Mei You)” which can be translated to “Isn’t it!!” It’s commonly used to add emphasis to a statement, and Chinese like to use it (sometimes repeatedly) with a ton of exclamation marks.)

Source : [ent.163.com]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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