[Trans] 111002 TVXQ Hopes To Act With Chinese Actors, Wants To Release Chinese Album

On 2 October, Korean group TVXQ held their press conference prior to their “TVXQ 2011 Asian Fan-meeting Tour – Beijing”event. On stage, members Yunho and Changmin appeared in a cool fashion, and when asked if they would have a chance to work with Chinese actors on movies or dramas, the straightforward Changmin smiled and said that both members would love to act against the Chinese actors, saying that “It would be a great chance to truly learn.”

Yunho & Changmin appear on stage, praises fans for passionate response

TVXQ is an immensely popular idol group in China. This afternoon (2 October), a large crowd of fans arrived very early and waited outside the fan-meeting location, and with the arrival of Changmin and Yunho, the situation became beyond control.

After a while. Changmin and Yunho appeared on the press conference stage dressed in black suits, and with their appearance, the cameras from photographers of various media channels flashed endlessly.

After greeting everyone in simple Chinese, a smiling Changmin said that during the actual fan-meeting that night, the duo had adapted the song “Before U go” from their new album into a special “Understanding Beijing Before U Go” version , saying “We hope that the fans in Beijing will like our special adaptation of the song.”

Every time TVXQ comes to Beijing, there will be many fans greeting them at the airport, and following them along the way. When asked about the difference between Korean fans and Asian fans? Yunho thought for a moment then said, “This is the internet age, so we are often able to interact with fans online, but I don’t really see a difference between fans in Beijing, Korea or the rest of Asia. All of them are passionate, and are really fast in catching up with us.”

Hoping to act against Chinese actors

Although this is a fan-meeting with the two members, it is being done in a concert-standard, and the two members were asked why this was so? Changmin smiled and said , “This event is primarily created so that we can meet with our fans, and use this opportunity to interact with the fans. It’s been two years since we came to Beijing, so wish to have more interactions with the fans therefore this event is held in this (concert-like) manner. “

When asked if the members were interested in appearing in dramas? On stage, Changmin affirmed, “We have many opportunities to act in dramas, and both Yunho and I have been working on a drama each.” (Have you thought about working with any Chinese actors?) We are definitely hoping to challenge other dramas, and we would like to work with skilled actors in China, so that we can truly learn.”

Hoping to release a Chinese album

When talking about their recent participation in America’s Fashion Week, what did they feel about this? Changmin said, “We were very honored,” “Previously, we only heard and saw news about Fashion Week through the media channels, but to be able to play a role in it, it was a very exciting experience for us.”

On stage, Yunho confessed that they also hoped to have the opportunity to release a Chinese album, saying “Although we have been thinking about it, there has been no concrete plans, but we do hope to release a Chinese album, and have the opportunity to sing Chinese songs.”

What about their plans after the Beijing fan-meeting? Yunho said that the Beijing performance was their first stop, and (appearances in) other locations are still in the preparation stage and therefore cannot be announced, but they are hoping to do fan-meetings in other regions , so that they can meet with more of their fans.


Source : [ent.163.com]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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