[Trans] 110930 TVXQ Kicks Off Asian Tour, Fan-Meeting In Beijing On 2 October

TVXQ will be kicking off their Asian Fan-meeting tour in Beijing on 2 October, to greet their overseas fans. Fan-meetings in Thailand, Singapore and other countries have been planned, and this has been met with a great response from the TVXQ fans.

On 2 October, the “TVXQ! Asia Fan Party 2011 in Beijing” will be held in the Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium, kicking off their Asian tour, and is expected to garner the interest of various newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and other media, a passionate atmosphere.

During this fan-meeting, TVXQ will not only be performing “Rising Sun,“ “Why (Keep  Your Head Down)” and other hit songs, but will also have talk and fan interaction session, promising to bring to the fans an unforgettable night.

Also, they released their album “TONE” in Japan on 28 October, and recorded sales of 105,484 copies on the first day, taking top spot on the Oricon daily charts, proving their position of solid popularity among the Japanese fans.

TVXQ will be appearing on Fuji TV, NHK, Nippon TV etc in various programs for their promotional activities.

Source : [ent.163.com]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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