[Trans] Yunho in GQ Japan – Portraits of leaders

Not classical,yet not modern. We will show the ‘power suit’ that caught “GQ”s attention,through 3 leaders. [T/N translated only Yunho part]

Not only in Korea but starting from Japan,Asia’s top star,Tohoshinki’s leader Yunho. He is respected as an older brother in his agency because of his nice,caring-ness. What kind of mature face will the young man who is usually silly show when wrapped in a mode suit. “I haven’t worn a suit in a while. I was interested in dress style and wore it,but it seems like I’ve been wearing more comfortable clothes. From usual I wear Dior Homme,so the line feels right. During my private time, including my father,when I meet older people I wear a suit. When I wear a suit, my actions change and it makes me look more serious. I feel like I can act more confident, that’s another attraction/appeal of a suit.”
Coordinate the thin body with a mono tone suit. Make it look more strict with the shirts small color and thin necktie.

Credit: yoonho-one
Trans by: rieko@sharingyoochun

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