[Trans] Tohoshinki JJ Mag Nov Issue Interview – Yunho Part

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To answer the “we want to know their true faces!” !


Q: Please tell us your opinion on today’s photo shoot!

A: There was many female staffs so I felt shy at first *laughs* The camera man was who we knew from before, Mika-San so it was fun!

Q: Do you like photo shoots?

A: I like looking and taking pictures from before, and of course like getting taken too.Even if you forget the memories, what’s good is that you can look at pictures and remember.

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Q: Please tell us about the new album “tone”

A: The title “TONE” has many meanings like, the two’s balance, and we hope that this will become a message for everyone from Tohoshinki, who are challenging many genres. It would be nice if you can get to know the new Tohoshinki from this album.

Q: Which song is your favorite?

A: The song with appreciation for everyone, “weep”!

Q: Which song would you want the girl you like to listen too?

A: I wanted to say “Telephone”, but Changmin said it first *laughs* so, I pick “duet”. Because the lyrics is sad.

Q: What is a nickname you had as a child which left an impression?

A: Since I was always running around, I had so much non ending energy, with that meaning “energizer”. And with the same meaning “dragon ball”‘s Songoku.

Q: Who are you close with in SM Entertainmet?

A: We are all close but especially Super Junior and Shinee. If it’s a woman, then Boa senpai.

Q: What is your ideal girl type?

A: Someone bright, and who does their work. When we’re together, I want someone who will give me advice. My ideal relationship is being able to tell our opinions honestly.

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Q: How do you appeal to the girl you like?

A: I’m the type to wait. Since I have a bright personality, I’m thought to be the one who makes the move, but I want to be lead by the girl. I don’t text alot. I believe in conversations and destiny.

Q: What kind of fashion do you like on a girl?

A: Simply a t-shirt and denim pants. And when usually a girl who is cute wears a suit, and looks intelligent, I like gaps like that!

Q: What movement makes your heart skip a beat?

A: My heart skips a beat when she takes the lint off my clothes! I’m weak to that kindness. Also it’s not a movement but I like the girls back when playing a piano, or cooking.

Q: What would you do if Tohoshinki fell in love with the same girl?

A: I would give up. Because Changmin really is a good person. I also believe that he will make the girl happy for sure. But of course Changmin has to work hard too *laughs*. If it wasn’t him, I would never give up!

Q: What is the phrase when told by a girl that makes you happy(excited)?

A: ” Thank you for protecting me”. ” Just you being here makes me happy” or “thank you”, “I love you ” is good too, but loving each other is an ofcourse, so it would be better if it’s phrases that show respect/admire to each other.

Q: At what age do you want to get married?

A: When I was younger, I thought 27, but now between 31 to 32 years old.

Q: What dish would you want her too cook?

A: Anything would make me happy, but maybe a pancake. More than that, I want to cook for her! I want to cook her a delicious Chapchae .

Q: What is good about a Korean girl, and a Japanese girl?

A: When something happens, I have an image that a Japanese girl will keep waiting for you. And a Korean girls image is that she will come with you.

Q: Please tell us your confession phrase!

A: I want to protect you through anything till the end.

Q: What do you like about Changmin?

A: His lips are sealed. Also, he is calm no matter what.

Q: What phrase told by Changmin made you happy?

A: He usually doesn’t say anything, but he shows it with actions. More than words, skin ship makes me happy, and is more moving. Oh, but of course I like woman more *laughs*.

Q: What do you want Changmin to fix?

A: I think he should think more positive…. But it became better than before.

Q: If you had to represent Changmin as an animal?

A: Deer. His nice neck, and sweet round big eyes look similar. Deers seem like they would do their work without saying anything, their personality seems like it’ll be similar too *laughs*.

Q: What are you into recently?

A: Bowling and trips. One day I want to come to Japan with my friend during my private time and go to many places.

Q: Who is your “superstar”?

A: The person I respect the most, my father. He protects all, family, friendship, and work. The mannest man of all.

Q: A message to the JJ readers!

A: Live each day happily, and please make many fun memories. And let’s create a new Story with Tohoshinki!

Credit: soulmate5p2
Trans by: rieko@sharingyoochun

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