[Trans] Tohoshinki JJ Mag Nov Issue Interview – Changmin Part

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Q: Which picture do you like from today’s photoshoot?

A: The two’s 3D cut. It’s the first time our picture is becoming 3D so I can’t wait till it’s done!

Q: Which song is your favorite from the new album “tone”?

A: “B.U.T.”

Q: Which song do you want a girl you like to listen to?

A: “telephone”. It’s my favorite song from this album.

Q: Which song do you recommend for people who want to have fun?

A: “I think u know”. On the other hand, when your sad I would recommend “easy mind”.


Q: What kind of child were you?

A: I wasn’t very aggressive. Now too, but I was shy.

Q: What was your dream as a child?

A: Right now too, but I love sports so I wanted to be a sports reporter. Because reporters can go watch the games for free *laughs*. I especially like baseball and soccer.

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Q: Who are you close to in SM Entertainment?

A: Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. We go out to drink sometimes. We are the same age, we have similar interests, like manga, game, and alcohol. Our personality are kind of similar too.

Q: What is your ideal girl type?

A: Someone who has many face expressions are attractive. Like sporty,cute,or mature.

Q: How do you appeal to the girl you like?

A: Before I appeal, I’m the type that everyone finds out. I’m nice to the girl I like but since I’m not to other girls, so I guess it’s easy to find out *laughs*.

Q: What hairstyle do you like on a girl?

A: It might sound like I’m selfish…..but I like a girl who matches both long and short hair. I’m too honest aren’t I *laughs*.

Q: What would happen if Tohoshinki fell in love with the same girl…!?

A: Our ideal type is different, so something like that probably won’t happen……but mmmmmm…..if I just have a little interest in her, I’ll give up but if it’s someone I really love I won’t give up!

Q: Which body part do you look at a girl?

A: (thinking really hard) it’s hard to say…since it might seem weird…but it’s legs. More than really pretty legs, I like legs that makes you think “she overcame many difficulties”. Ones that have bruises, and scars. Same with guys.

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Q: How would you comfort a girl when she’s crying?

A: I’ll just sit next her. I won’t say anything, just stroke/pat her shoulders or back.

Q: At around what age do you want to get married?

A: About 30.

Q: What would you do if her dish wasn’t good?

A: I’ll eat it all, and tell her “it’s delicious”….but I’ll give her advice like “maybe you should add something?” in a way that I don’t hurt her.

Q: Please say your confession!

A: I like/love you.

Q: What do you like about Yunho?

A: He’s more positive than me. Also he is able to make decisions.

Q: What phrase told by Yunho made you happy?

A: If it’s Changmin, I’ll give up. (Yunho’s answer for “what would happen if Tohoshinki likes the same girl?”). He’s probably just saying that~ *laughs*.

Q: What do you want Yunho to fix?

A: nothing!

Q: Which animal would you describe Yunho with?

A: the leader of animals, tiger. It seems like their faces kind of look alike too.

Q: What are you into lately?

A: I’m re-reading the manga “one piece”! Since each line is really important so it would be good if I use it for learning Japanese, but because I want to feel each lines, I read the Korean version.

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Q: What made you happy recently?

A: ….kkk*laughs*. When Luffy (in the manga: one piece) when to go rescue Robin! I was so happy. Luffy’s line was “I want to live!”. Ah~ I was so moved that i got goosebumps!

Q: What did you purchase recently?

A: “Shiroi Koibiito” and other snacks that are only sold in Japan. I bought it for my family in Korea.

Q: What is something that you always carry in your bag?

A: iPad.

Q: Who is your “superstar”?

A: the producers.

Q: Please give us a message for the JJ readers!

A: Our new album “Tone” is done! Listen to it in the season you want to fall in love, autumn, and please fall in a wonderful love!

credit: soulmate5p2
trans by: rieko@sharingyoochun

Catch up with Yunho part

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