[News] More Than 1 Copy Sold Per Second… Tohoshinki’s Japanese Album “Because There’s None Left, Can’t Lay Your Hands On It”

Tohoshinki’s new album has been flying off the shelves at a rate of more than 1 copy per second in Japan.

Tohoshinki’s new Japanese album “TONE”, which was unveiled on September 28, has sold 105,484 copies in just one day and risen to the #1 spot on the Oricon daily album charts. This sales of this album has overwhelmed the sales of albums of other artistes which also went on sale on the same day, increasing the anticipation for Oricon’s weekly chart.

The massive speed at which the albums flew off the shelves has resulted in a situation where every one of Japan’s mega record stores have started a continuous relay of the albums going out of stock one by one . To exacerbate this situation, fans who have been unable to lay their hands on the album have been flooding the record stores with inquiries and requesting to add more orders.

The attention and popularity placed on Tohoshinki within Japan has surpassed the standard of that of their heyday in Korea.

From September 17, to commemorate the unveiling of their new album, the “Tohoshinki Train” which is circulating downtown Tokyo has been running, while in Shinjuku Station Square, a mega poster has also been hung up, creating an unusual sight.

Tohoshinki is scheduled to crank up their new album’s promotional activities in Japan. On October 1st, Tohoshinki will appear on Fuji TV’s “Music Fair”. On the 2nd, they’ll be on NHK’s “Music Japan”, and NTV’s “Music Lovers”. On the 3rd, they’ll be on Fuji TV’s “SMAP x SMAP”.


<Titles Of Various Other News Articles Which Came Out On The Same Day>

Tohoshinki’s New Japanese Album “TONE”, Selling 100,000 Copies In Just One Day, “Taking Turns To Go Out Of Stock”
Tohoshinki, New Japanese Album “TONE”, Breakthrough Sales of 100,000 Copies In Just One Day, Oricon #1
Tohoshinki, New Japanese Album “TONE”, Breakthrough Sales of 100,000 Copies In Just One Day, “Flooded With Orders”
Tohoshinki, Sales of New Album In Just One Day, “Normal” For Them To Be On Oricon
Tohoshinki’s New Album,  Breakthrough Sales of 100,000 Copies In Just One Day, As Expected They’re The Best Hallyu Stars!
Tohoshinki, New Japanese Single, Sweeping Sales of 100,000 Copes In Just One Day.. “Out Of Stock”
Tohoshinki “TONE”, Oricon Daily Chart #1 “Fiery Prowess”

Source: fnnews + TVXQ Daum Telzone
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
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