[Trans] 110928 Tohoshinki, “We Don’t Want To Let Down Our Fans, So We Will Continue To Do Our Best”

After about a two year absence, it is Tohoshinki’s first album “Tone”, after restarting activities. To celebrate the release of this album on September 28th, for a limited time from September 27th until 9:00pm on Septembe 29th , there will be a huge visual display at Shinjuku Station Square. Before the start of this exhibition on September 27th at 4:00pm, it was announced that Tohoshinki’s Yunho and Changmin will sign this visual display and therefore a press conference was held.

Regarding their new album, “For all our fans that supported us throughout, we have poured all our feelings of gratitude and created this album with all our efforts”; even for these two, this album is full of strong thoughts and feelings of gratitude towards the fans. So in order to convey those feelings to all their fans, they decided to make a huge visual display (12m x 9m high) at the passenger terminal station in Shinjuku.

Furthermore, it was planned that Tohoshinki would go to Shinjuku Station Square and directly deliver their thoughts. But due to the rush of fans that also arrived at the Station Square, it was decided that to avoid any confusion that the interview would be moved to Avex headquarters.

At Avex headquarters, due to safety reasons, the visual display was limited to a height of 5m. But even then it was powerful, Changmin commented, “It’s really big isn’t it. That’s all I that comes to mind.” With that, two of them used a big marker, naturally, and left big autographs on the big display. “Even the pen is big, so I have to make the autograph big too. I fet like I was dancing while writing it,” Yunho said.

At the press conference that was held subsequently, they displayed their unique and serious personalities. While commenting about their new album “Tone”, they were interrupted by the sound of a helicopter flying above, suspending the meeting. Changmin commented looking at the sky, “It’s really noisy, isn’t it?”, creating a comfortable atmosphere. In addition, when reporters asked if they could repeat their comments on a question Yunho would perkily say, “Yes of course!” and then hesistate and ask, “Ahh..what was the question?”. With this, all the reporters and staff members had a good laugh.

Furthermore about their “Tone” album, Yunho explained the concept as, “It is the tone of our colours, the tone of our voices. And also an album that was made with our feelings of gratitude to our fans.”  In addition to Yunho’s words, Changmin said, “As an artist, when you reach that point where you can manipulate all the tones, it’s beautiful isn’t it. We also included those emotions into this album.” Regarding their favourite songs in this tracklist, Yunho said, “The song “Duet”, where you can feel the balance between our voices” and Changmin said, “A song that is stylish and an be seen as a new side of Tohoshinki, B.U.T.”

Regarding questions about the change they felt after restarting activities, the keywords and phrases “our faces have aged” kept popping up. Yunho said, “Certainly we do feel that we’ve matured, although it’s embarrassing to say so ourselves. But compared to before we feel that we are now adults, and those feelings are also included in this album. “ Changmin added, “This is also embarrassing to say ourselves but our singing abilities, the way we sing, and the tone of our voices have changed, along with the change in ourselves. From before I’ve always felt I wanted to be more mature, so I wonder if now it is happening.” With that note, Yunho interjected and said, Changmin’s working very hard! Regarding his work, he is a much hard worker than he was before and is trying his very best.” Changmin’s reply to Yunho’s remarks were, “Exactly!” This elicited great laughter from everyone in the hall including Yunho.

Also recently, Changmin spoke of how he has recently started relaxing at home and drinking beer leisurely, and Yunho spoke of an American drama that he has recently gotten addicted to. But now between coming and going in Japan and Korea, and also taking part in activities in other countries, it seems that they have not been able to have much private time. During interviews, the thoughts that the two had regarding their activities as Tohoshinki was very impressive.

“For all the fans who waited for us for a long time, we’ve been wanting to show you beautiful songs and great performances. Not just our album but for future activities and live performances, we want to focus on all of it. Because we don’t want to disappoint to everyone who waited so long for us, we will do our very best.” – Tohoshinki

In January 2012, Tohoshinki will be holding an arena concert tour nationwide in nine locations.

Source: barks
Trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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