[News] Yunho exits on 4th episode of ‘Poseidon’ + possibility of return later in the series

Yunho has been the star featured guest on the new KBS 2TV drama, ‘Poseidon‘, but he will be making his exit after the 4th episode.

This was Yunho’s first time taking up a role in a drama since 2009, and fans’ expectations were high for his ‘Poseidon’ character. Although he has reached the summit as a member of Changmin set the bar high performing his role in ‘Paradise Ranch‘, Yunho needed to step up his acting game.

Thanks to his good looks and action scenes, his acting received well reviews across the board. Fans wanted to see more of him after news of him exiting the show had broken out. They demanded that Yunho’s character be given more lines, as he was one of the main leads in the first few episodes. They wanted to know more of his story and background.

The staff hinted at a possibility of Yunho rejoining the cast later in the story. PD Ki Seung Mo stated, “There is a possibility of Yunho coming back on set. The drama is left flexible enough for him to possibly join us later on in the story.” Yunho’s character is a good mix of hot and cold and he is an essential character that may need to come back to tie the drama together in the end, they explained. Yunho’s character, Kang Eun Chul plays the role of a loyal officer who is linked with another main in the story and sacrifices himself to save Sunwoo (played by Choi Siwon).

Yunho’s character Kang Eun Chul is the head of the maritime police special forces unit, and in the 4th episode he suddenly leaves the country leaving behind many questions left to be answered.

Source & Image : Newsen 
Credit: leesa86 @ AllKpop
Shared by: HoMinStyle

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