[News] Tohoshinki Tops Oricon Again, 100,000 Copies Sold In Just One Day, #1 As Expected

Oricon powerhouse Tohoshinki has once again showed off their prowess.

Tohoshinki’s new Japanese album “TONE”, which went on sale on September 28, has sold 105,484 copies on the first day of release and climbed to the #1 spot on the daily Oricon chart. According to Oricon, when one compares this with their previous album in 2009, “Secret Code”, which set a record of approximately 83,000 copies, this is a number which has surpassed that record.

This album is their first in 2 years since 2009′s “Secret Code”, with 3 versions adorned with red, blue and yellow images revealed. Even before the album went on sale, they have monopolized the charts of various music sites, making a clean sweep, and of course also creating “sold-out” records along the way. On Japan’s largest music site Recochoku, they have created the unprecedented record of having 6 songs climbing to the #1 position, setting an early prediction for a #1 spot on Oricon.

With the sale of the album just around the corner, Tohoshinki has almost plastered the whole of Tokyo’s city center, signalling the beginning of large-scale promotions and capturing much attention. On the JR Yamanote Line, the “Tohoshinki Train” which is decorated with Tohoshinki’s album images is currently running, while in Shinjuku, the first-ever 15x9m mega poster has been hung up.

In addition, their appearances through photoshoots on magazines are so much so as to the extent that it is difficult to emulate such a streak in the century. They are also lighting up various TV programs with their appearances. Recently, in Japan’s largest music festival “A-Nation”, they also became the first-ever Korean singers to be honored with the ending act, showing off their fiery power. Further, they also stood on the Tokyo Dome stage together with singers from Korean company SM Entertainment, electrifying 150,000 Japanese fans.

Source: donga
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
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