[Vid+Trans] 110926 Tohoshinki On Ontama

Click on the pic for the vid!

Tohoshinki Personal Questions

Q.Yunho-san, what is the one thing you want the most right now?

YH: I want to build a house.
CM: An expensive house?
YH: No, no. A place where I can see the view…
CM: Sounds expensive, huh?
YH: Yea that’s true, yes.

Q: After building the house, who will you show it to first?

YH: It’ll probably be.. Changmin. Yea.
CM: I reject…

Q: Changmin-san, what was a recent event that irritated you?

CM: I had a dream..where I was fighting with someone, and I was hitting him. I was even hitting the wall next to me because of the dream.
Q: Who was this someone in your dream?
CM: I don’t think it was someone I’ve ever met before…Anyway, he was the the one that provoked me.
Q:Okay, well a few words to this someone who provoked you.
CM: Mmmm don’t ever show up in my dreams again.

Q: Yunho-san, what is a woman’s gesture that makes your heart beat faster?

YH: Mm, touching her hair and smiling at the same time…
CM: *does it* How about me? (T/N: ROOOFFLLL)
YH: I don’t go that way so…

Credit: tvxqakipiyo
Trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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