[Trans] Tohoshinki in Ray 11 – Lock on the two’s true face which powered up!

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Lock on the two’s true face which powered up!
Changmin: I believe we have to keep showing ourselves evolving. I will do my best to show that.
Yunho: Always think positive. If it’s something you believe and start, we can do it for sure!

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Q01: What are you like in front of the woman you like?
I’m the type that wants to protect her from behind. She can do anything she wants, but when she has a problem I want to solve it for her.
I want to believe in the person that’s going to become my wife no matter what.

Q02: Is there a specific dish that if a girl made for you, you would fall in love with her?
If she’s going to make it, then anything *laughs*. The reason is because I don’t have anything I dislike, and I think any dish that she made, I’ll be able to tell she made it with effort. I think I would be moved by the gesture, that she cooked for me.

Q03: Which moment throughout the busy day do you feel most relaxed?

The moment I lay down. When I finish all my work, and when I lay down to go to sleep. Before I sleep, I think about what I should do on the next stage, or today was fun, and many other things.

Q04: When do you feel happy the most?
When I’m on stage. I feel alive. When I have eye contact and stuff with our fans, I feel like as if I am Michael Jackson, the artist I look up to the most *laughs*.

Q05: What is your dream for your private life?
I want to create a warm family. I want to have a pair look fashion with my child. I will go cheer for the school Undoukai (school athlete/sports day) .
I also want to do volunteer work with my family. Like make a school……, I hope I can do it.

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Q01: How do you act in front of the woman you like?
I will talk to her aggressively. I talk much more. On the other hand, to the person I’m not interested in, I don’t talk a lot. I think I’m obvious. I don’t hide my feelings, I can’t hide it *laughs*.

Q02: Is there a specific dish that if a girl made for you, you would fall in love with her?
It has to be a dish I’ve never ate, and it has to be good *laughs*. But then it doesn’t mean it has to be a special dish. I usually don’t have time to eat slowly, so as along as it’s not delivery food or bento, that’s what I mean.

Q03: Which moment through out the busy day, do you feel most relaxed?
Coming home and taking a half-body bath “hanshinyoku “(where you soak your lower body in a tub), and when I am drinking beer at home.  I do the half body bath only after a tough project has been completed, because I cannot have my muscles relaxed when I have to do work that requires a lot of movement the next day.

Q04: When do you feel happiness the most?
After I finish the days schedule, when I look at the night scene, and drink beer *laughs*.
I drink beer as a prize for myself, so when I drink I feel like, “Ah~ I’m done! I feel refreshed!”.

Q05: What is your dream for your private life?
I probably will get married someday, so I have a dream of creating a warm family.
A normal family is fine. I want to live with a pretty and nice wife.

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This is an album that’s is like a present for the fans!

– Please tell us how you feel about the finished album “TONE”.

C: We worked on this album with appreciation towards our fans who have been waiting for us and kept cheering for us. I believe this album is a present we send to our fans.
Y: We recorded this going back and forth Japan and Korea. In the beginning I thought it would have been better if we had more time, but we were able to work hard and concentrate despite our busy schedule. I think this busy recording schedule actually brought more color to this album.

– The song that became as the start of activity again was “Why -keep your head down-, it was a song that left a big impact. What did this song mean to you guys?

C: I believe it became a symbol for us, since it’s the song for us two to start our activities again.
Y: That’s true. I think it’s the best song for the new Tohoshinki’s start.
C: While creating the song, we thought about which part of us we wanted to show more. I think it became a song that shows the good parts of us in a very well balanced way. Even after time passes by, I believe it’ll be a song that represents us.
Y: We communicate a lot with our staff while creating the songs, so the songs have a lot of our opinions. Which means it shows the will of Tohoshinki, I’m really happy to be able to meet everyone with this song again.

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– What song do you recommend to Ray generation readers?

Y: I recommend “shiawase iro no Hana”. It’s an extreme ballad song that is 6 minutes 40 seconds. Even in the album, I think it’s a sad ballad song that represents Tohoshinki’s ballad song. It’s already autumn, so it’s perfect for the season, since it’s the season that makes you want to fall in love.
C: I pick “Telephone”. The lyrics is about calling the girl you like, but the lyric is realistic and I think everyone can understand and relate to it. The song gives a sweet atmosphere, this is also perfect for the season when you want to fall in love.

– Starting with a-nation, it seems as there was many chance to sing in front of the fans. How did it feel?

Y: If I have to say it in one word, it’s appreciation.
C: Yeah. I am also thankful for the non-changing cheers.
Y: As much as I was thankful, there were many troubles. We wanted to keep the color of Tooshinki, but we had to show a new color, for the new Tohoshinki. I think we were able to show on the stage what we each learned. So I am excited from on now!
C: That’s why I also think we need to keep evolving and show that. I feel responsible. In order to show that I feel that we need to work even harder.

– What part do you think is attractive about each other as an artist, and as a human?

Y: Changmin is the type who shows something by actions not words. But I know everything *laughs*.
First he works hard on his own secretly, after he solves it, he tells me about it. That’s a part I think is cool about him.
C: Thank you *laughs*. When Yunho faces a problem he tries over and over to overcome it. Even during hard times, he thinks positively “I can do it for sure. I’ll achieve it.” he has a strong feeling like that.
Y: Because I’m positive. I believe in myself and once I start, I believe we will be able to it.

– Lastly, please give a message to the Ray readers!

Y: Since it’s autumn, I think there are many people who feel like they want to fall in love. So this autumn, listen to our songs and I’ll be praying that you find a man who will protect you *laughs*.
C: Listen to our album, and please become even more pretty. Also become even more cute and let’s meet at our tour we’re having next year *laughs*.

Source: soulmate5p2
Trans by: rieko@sharingyoochun

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