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THSK will appear on VOGUE JAPAN Nov issue!(part1)

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Finally, THSK’s Japanese original album ‘TONE’ will on sale at 9/28! And in exactly the same date, VOGUE JAPAN Nov issue’s out!

So in this opportunity, shall we try to have a celebration escorted by Yunho and Changmin?

We had a stylish shooting in such situation in this time’s VOGUE. In their new album, it doesn’t have solo songs like their past ones, but they sing together in all the songs. Their voices become 1 and it pulls out each other’s good pointsand be getting powered up (as same as new song B.U.T) new sound it is!

Then we tried to make example THSK who heading to new ‘stage’ to the fashion which heads to next ‘big moment’. Please don’t miss them cooperating and dressing up THSK trying to that kind of new ‘party’ !!

There’s also making movie of these shooting for iPad ver of VOGUE. If you watch them with the movie, you’ll get bit excited with the special relationship of these two nice guys.

Thank you to those who already pre-ordered the magazine.

This time we’ll present some interviews for those who don’t know much about THSK, and it’s from staffs who worked together with them and other people who woking in another genres. We always feeling  a big appreciation to Yunho and Changmin who works so hard to make good products and actively take communication with staffs.

They all have ‘love’.

The shooting episode will be written here again!

I’ve heard THSK new album ‘TONE’ and highly recommend it for you!
Of course I liked the new song ‘B.U.T’, and I also like ‘Thank you my girl’!
There’re 3 versions of the album, Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow.

Here’s the Magenta version

Hope you could spend another beautiful new week!

Source: Vogue Japan Editor’s blog
Translated by: @xx__0_0__xx for ContinueTVQ.com

Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_Black_Tortoise @ ContinueTVQ.com
Please Keep All Credits Intact, thanks.

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