[News] Tohoshinki’s Large-Scale Promotions, Activities For New Japanese Album In 2 Years

Group Tohoshinki is devoting themselves fully to their Japanese activities in 2 years.

On September 28, Tohoshinki’s new official album “TONE” goes on sale in Japan. Recently, with the release of their new song “Superstar”, they climbed to the #1 spot on Oricon’s Daily Chart, giving a forewarning of what is to come for their packed Japanese activities for their new album.

This new album will have 13 songs, from hit songs which have been released, such as “Why”, “Superstars” etc, to new songs such as “Back To Tomorrow”. On the HMV pre-order charts, they have already swept the #1 and #2 spots.

While these are Tohoshinki’s activities in some time, they already have plans for an arena tour early next year. This is Tohoshinki’s first nation-wide tour in 4 years since 2008, when they toured 8 cities in Japan, with 17 performances and 150,000 audience flocking to watch them.

In Japan, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin are making their comeback amidst large-scale promotions.Tohoshinki’s promotion wallpapers have appeared on the “Tohoshinki Train”, in both the interior and on the exterior of the trains, capturing the attention of Tokyo residents. Meanwhile, at Shinjuku Square, a huge poster has been hung up, becoming the topic of the town.

Currently, in Tokyo, other than the “Tohoshinki Train”, promotion trucks adorned with jacket images from their new album “TONE” are also making their rounds in Tokyo’s city center. Tokyo has been plastered with Tohoshinki entirely. Tohoshinki, who has been enjoying the highest popularity of any kind in Japan, is definitely hammering home the great anticipation for their new album.

Source: naver news
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
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