[Trans] 110922 TVXQ Asia Tour Starts With Fanmeet In Beijing After Two Year Hiatus

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After over 2 years of anticipation and preparation, the reunion will finally happen! Popular asia group TVXQ will once again return to Beijing on 2 October, and will be holding a large scale fanmeet at the Beijing Worker’s Stadium, inviting all Beijing fans to witness this moment of starting the “TVXQ Asia Tour” together.

It has been some time since their last meet with Beijing fans, and TVXQ will definitely not forget to bring on some thrills, and will present their best to fans, performing tracks chosen from their latest album “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)”. This is the first time TVXQ will be performing their new songs in China, and with the memorable meaning of being the first to start the tour, together with a specially designed performance stage, the “TVXQ Passion” shall spread to the whole of Asia starting from Beijing!

As the first stop of TVXQ’s Asia fan meet tour, their secret weapon is their album “Why Keep Your Head Down”, which was released after 2 years and 3 months since their previous album “Mirotic”. It took them near 800 days of hard-work preparation so as to ensure that this album will be able to display all the talents and potentials of TVXQ, displaying rich emotions and songs with deep meanings, allowing music to cross language and country barriers, sparking fans’ inner hearts with fire. This album attempts to portray the music and singing styles of the two members U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. Their main song “Why Keep Your Head Down” consists of Heavy bass drums, bass, together with a sharp 16Beat Riff striking a contrast, bringing out TVXQ’s charismatic masculinity.

This album includes top notch composers such as Kenzie Chang Hyun Park, E-TRIBE and a composing team in America named “Outsidaz”, contributing to the perfection of this album. The album also includes solo songs sung by members. Uknow’s solo love song “Honey Funny Bunny” is has very trendy slow jam style, while Max’s self written lyrics of “Confession”, which has a blend of the grand piano and melody brought out Max’s appealing voice; his presentation of reminiscence towards a lover’s departure brought out emotions to the highest level.
Also, the album includes tracks such as“Crazy” which Trax Jay had participated in, “Rumor” which harmonies left deep impressions, as well as “She”, which lyrics and melody portrays a man’s complicated feelings in a relationship. “Maximum” , which was being performed during the “SMTown Live’ 10 World Tour” is also included in this album. These songs which are of high standards, displayed the different sides of TVXQ’s music.

TVXQ, being a popular group in Korea, Japan, and the whole of Asia, was like a hurricane when they released this album, bagging top places in Korean music charts, the Japanese Oricon charts, Taiwan’s G-Music, Five Music charts, becoming a top album in the Asian music industry in 2011. It is no doubt that TVXQ has the highest popularity!

In this coming Beijing fan meet, TVXQ will meet the fans with 100% passion, returning fans with a charismatic performance. The organizers will also be supporting and cooperating alongside, and have invested large amounts of money into building of the fan meet stage, as well as including a light and sound system comparable to a concert, so as to ensure that the audience would be able to enjoy this perfect music feast.

Currently, Uknow Yunho and Max Changmin have been practicing hard, so as to be able to give the audience their best performance. Yunho, who possesses energetic dance skills, as well as Changmin’s unique high vocals, will allow the fans to experience TVXQ’s unique K-Pop energy and passion. Besides giving a fantastic performance, the organizers have arranged for segments where TVXQ would be able to interact closely with China fans, allowing everyone to understand the duo better.

Source: [baiduyunho]
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