[Trans] 110919 Choi Siwon And Jung Yunho’s Perfect Action Scene In ‘Poseidon’ In A Dangerous Junkyard

Choi Siwon (Super Junior) and Jung Yunho (TVXQ) boasted perfect compatibility.

With the first episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Poseidon’ airing on the 19th, Kim Seon Woo (Choi Si Won) and Kang Eun Cheol (Jung Yunho), members of the special task force of the maritime police, will be acting out a charismatic scene.

The filming for the scene took place on the 5th last month at a junkyard in Goyang, Gyeonggido, and the two actors perfectly acted out a powerful yet highly dangerous action scene as they jumped over and around cars.

Not only were there shards of glass and other dangerous items lying around, but there was also a fear that some of the cars could come crashing down as night fell and the level of moisture in the air rose.

Regardless, it was later told that Choi Siwon, who holds a rank in Taekwondo, used Taekwondo-style kicks that showed off his long legs while Jung Yunho, who holds a rank in Hapkido, upped the tension on set with a new skill that uses keys.

Director Yang Gil Young, who is in charge of the martial arts aspects in the drama, stated, “Many of the staff made awed exclamations as the two actors perfectly completed their action scenes without the help of a stunt double. Though the scenes were dangerous and led to small bruises and wounds, the two actors didn’t hold back and were passionate about their work, keeping a serious and humble attitude throughout the filming process.

Enex Telecom stated, “Thanks to the two handsome actors, ‘Poseidon’ is getting a confident vibe. As the character who hides the secret of ‘Poseidon’, JungYunho will be staying with the drama from the first episode till the early part of the fourth episode and is planning to showcase his firm loyalty.”

Source: [TV Report]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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