[Trans] 110921 Tohoshinki at NTV Music Lovers Recording (Sept 20), Fan’s Tweets

The recording for Music lovers finished just now! They were so near, I got very nervous. I was standing around the 10th row from the stage, but since it was a small studio which holds up to 300 persons, they were very near. The talks were done in a different sub stage, and since I was on that side, Tohoshinki was about 3 meters from where I was. We were requested to fill in the spaces before the talks, so I was standing in the 2nd row.

Scene which should be cut 1. Changmin was always checking the monitor! He didn’t look at us that much.

Scene which should be cut 2. The seats were so near by, I could clearly see their eyes. My eyes met Yunho’s many times. When I winked to him, he closed his eyes and nodded his headー(´Д` ) Changmin! You aren’t looking at us, so I’ll run around with Yunho.

Scene which should be cut 3. It was the first time they performed the song, Yunho made a mistake with the lyrics, and laughed softly saying “Oh, I’m sorry”. But the song continued. How will it come out? xD

Scene which should be cut 4. Changmin was running out of breath, and was dripping with sweat. But he regained his strength during the short breaks during the song. He is professional.

Scene which should be cut 5. They always go backstage after singing one song. On the third time when they went backstage, Yunho said “Matanen!” (T/N: Kansai dialect meaning “see you later”).

Scene which should be cut 6. When they go backstage, it is always Changmin who is walking in the front xD Should it be because of their standing positions..??

Scene which should be cut 7. The two looking into the camera was very sexy..heavenly…prayers..
They were too sexy, and they did it again as an encore during the talk corner. They responded to us from themselves!

Scene which should be cut 8. Changmin “We will go on to the next song” Audience “Eeeee–! (oh, no)” Changmin “What time is it now?.. 8 o’clock? 9? huh” Audience “It is still 8:45! (joke)” Changmin “Shi!” Changmin producer was worrying about the time.

Scene which should be cut 9. Changmin grinned during a place when singing. Grin, grinning

Scene which should be cut 10. Yunho was saying “Minasan, tanoshindemasuka-!” (everyone, are you enjoying yourselves?) You always says those words ♥♥ luv u xD

Scene which should be cut 11. Yunho “For the encore, we want to respond to you with a song with a deep meaning. This song.. oh, Changmin, can you introduce the song?” Changmin “(Oh! hyung! me?!) aa..oh…”

Scene which should be cut 12. Changmin “This encore song is, a song that can…show a different style of Tohoshinki, don’t you think so?” Changmin returns the talk back to Yunho.

Talk scene which should be cut 1. Yunho is really good in praising the guests and the host. (To the guest, he said “you’re cute”, then) “Can..can I directly see into your eyes?” During all this, Changmin glances to Yunho was chilly xD Changmin was shaking himself after looking chilly towards Yunho xD

Talk scene which should be cut 2. One phrase that the guest wanted Changmin to say. Changmin’s tone and his japanese was very good, I fell in love. Yunho had to say long words, and it seemed difficult. He was reading the cue card xD During the whole time Yunho was speaking, Changmin was checking the monitor and was smiling.

Talk scene which should be cut 3. Tohoshinki standing on stage was really beautiful. Walking sideways, sitting down, making themselves comfortable, their movements were beautiful. After they have been sitting down for a long time and stood up, we can see how tall they are. They are models.

Talk scene which should be cut 4. Even when they are sitting, we can see that they have very long legs…Yunho was patting Changmin’s left knee (Changmin was sitting on the right side of Yunho) on way or another. Changmin was very natural in receiving those pats. Yunho’s beautiful fingers and Changmin’s slim and long legs. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Talk scene which should be cut 5. Yunho was standing up and playing with the guests, and the camera was focusing on Yunho. I was watching Changmin! He was always looking at Yunho, with a real kind expression. He was nodding his head and clapping his hands, too. Which is the hyung?

Talk scene which should be cut 6. Is Changmin very shy? During the talk, he was always checking the monitor. He can’t be (´Д` )…a narcissist…!? kya~~

Talk scene which should be cut 7. Audience “Changmin, please do it too! ” Changmin “(//∇//)…(casted his eyes down)”

Stage scene which should be cut. Yunho “Changmin is very handsome” Yunho “Changmin is very cool talking in any style” Yunho “He really is!”

Talk scene which should be cut 8. Audience “Yunho-! You’re cool-!” Yunho “YES. (nod nod nod nod)”

Talk scene which should be cut 9. Tohoshinki had to make a quick song with some theme. Yunho was composing the song, but Changmin’s intention was ignored, and the two had to sing the song together. One, two, three..different timing, one, two, three…different timing. At last! ..they somehow sung it together.

Talk scene which should be cut 10. Changmin “since it is very simple and easy”

Last scene which should be cut. The talk corner was the last corner. The 2 members went offstage at the last, but before that, they were very politely shaking hands with Akasaka-san (with their left hands on their right arms), bowing very low, and waving their hands to the audience. It shows their characters, oh, to say it correctly, their honesty.

Talk scene that should not be used extra edition. Before the talk started, Tohoshinki and the other guests were standing in front of their seats. Changmin sat down at the very last, after watching the others (sit down). It is just Changmin. I really love you.

Source: CHANGMIN_Bambi@twitter
Trans: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


T/N: Normally, the songs that are recorded for a Japanese music program should be kept secret until the broadcasting date. That is the reason why I have not tweeted information about which songs they sang. Thank you for your understanding.

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