[News] “Poseidon” Jung Yunho, Charisma Explosion Right From His 1st Appearance, “Presence Which Makes People Go Crazy”

Right from his first appearance in drama “Poseidon”, TVXQ’s Jung Yunho showed off a presence which made people go crazy. 

On September 19, new KBS2 TV Monday-Tuesday drama “Poseidon” had its first broadcast. In the first episode, Jung Yunho, who took on the role of Special Forces Police Team member Kang Eun Chul, showed off his strong presence.

From the first start of the drama, Kang Eun Chul (Jung Yunho) led the Special Forces team on a mobilization exercise, gaining favour in the eyes of the audience. 

Following that, in order to raid and capture the mastermind behind a criminal syndicate which straddles the 3 countries of Korea, Japan and China, Kang Eun Chul led the infiltration of a ship. When the infiltration operation ended, Kang Eun Chul took off his googles and mask, once again flaunting his charisma. The look in his eyes which was hidden behind the googles was the kind of intense look befitting of a Special Forces team member.

Kang Eun Chul then told Kwon Jung Ryul (Lee Sung Jae), who appeared subsequently, “This ship has no links with the mastermind”, showing off acting abilities which do not fall short of that of Kwon Jung Ryul and Kang Joo Min (Jang Dong Jik).

Choi Siwon, who took on the role of Kim Seon Woo, showed off his humorous side, catching the attention of the audience.

Source: newsen
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Please Keep All Credits Intact, thanks.

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