[Trans] 110919 Tohoshinki, Breaking The Taboo. “JJ” and “Ray” Releasing On The Same Day For The First Time In Industry

Tohoshinki (releasing their new album on the 28th September) will be on the covers on the November issue for both female fashion magazines JJ and Ray, slated to distribute on the 23rd of September. This broke the taboo in female fashion magazine industry with regards to usage of the same model(s) for the cover in the same monthly issue. This is a new trial in the industry and it was the first time for both magazines to use a “male duo” on their covers.

The cover for JJ magazine depicts the duo’s determination image with the colour black. The theme was determinedly cool and comprised of Tohoshinki’s strong charisma. The photographer for the cover and pages is Ninagawa Mika. The cool yet subtle entrancing look seems to have drawn out that hidden passion in the two of them.

“JJ’s cover was donned by the male duo and was on a black backdrop, it was indeed a novel among the uncommons. I don’t think there was such a strong image used as a cover before. Additionally, there are 3D images where you could see the two of them “jumping out” of the pages and the poster after wearing a pair of 3D glasses. The hands-stretching-out position is as though you could really touch them.” – Shinohara (JJ Editor)

On the other hand, the cover for Ray was used to depict the duo’s pure image with the colour white. Editor Fujimura relayed, “The perfect combination of the duo was impressive for every photo. It was a trouble choosing the photos.”

The album cover for “TONE” uses red, blue and yellow while JJ and Ray magazines uses black and white. This colourful Tohoshinki will soon be presented to everyone.

Source: barks.jpg
Trans+shared by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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