[Trans] 110916 Choikang Changmin’s Love Was A Little Too Enthusiastic? “He Left A Wound On U-Know Yunho’s Chest”

Choikang Changmin left a wound U-Know Yunho’s chest.

A photo of TVXQ was posted on an online community on the 15th with the title, ‘Little Brother’s love for Big Brother was a little too enthusiastic’.

Taken during TVXQ’s ‘Keep Your Head Down’ activities, the photo showed the part in the group’s performance when Choikang Changmin pushes U-Know Yunho away. But it must have been because Choikang Changmin had put too much force into his push because U-Know Yunho was later seen sporting a wound on his chest.

The person who posted the photo seemed worried about U-Know Yunho’s wound as she said, “Changmin oppa, be more careful. Is it because you kept hitting the same place over and over again every day?”

Netizens who saw the photo said, “They put all the strength they can muster into their performances and songs, so he must have been unable to control the amount of force in his hand“, “I can’t believe someone spotted that”, “Both of them are working hard. It’s great to see”, “The battle scene in the performance is always so interesting. I want to see them perform Keep Your Head Down again.”

Meanwhile, TVXQ were invited to the Lacoste 2012 S/S Collection that was held at the Lincoln Center in New York on the 10th of September and attended the event as the representative fashionistas of Korea.

Source: [newsen]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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