[Trans] Pati Pati ‘TVXQ’ The new album that records there growth

Tohoshinki will release their new album on September 28th, which many fans have been waiting for. Songs such as “Why-Keep Your Head Down-” and “Superstar” are included. We asked about their passionate feelings towards the album.

We were thinking about which is the best way to show our attraction.
-We have really been waiting!

Yunho: Thank you for waiting. Honestly, I myself have been waiting so I’m happy that we can release an album after a while.

Changmin: We recorded every song with the feeling of appreciation to everyone because I wanted this to be a present for all the fans who have been waiting. The title “TONE” has many meanings, like the voice tone, color tone….. as an artist, someone who describes something, we thought if we can show more of the detailed part, then we would be able to step up. More than anything, this is the first album after we became two-member group, so our goal is to show our growth to everyone through this album.

Yunho: I think we are able to show the Tohoshinki everyone knows and the new Tohoshinki. There are ballad songs that are Tohoshinki color, club-ish genre, rock genre and many new songs.

Changmin: After becoming the two of us, we honestly thought there are parts that we are missing. In order to fulfill that missing part, we thought a lot about what kind of songs would bring out our attraction to the fullest.

Yunho: I think Tohoshinki is not just about dancing, but also acappella, harmonization, and band. However, with just the two of us, it’s really hard to cover all those parts. In order to find each uniqueness (in our voice), for example, I would sing the chorus if Changmin is the main vocal. And if I am the main vocal then Changmin would sing the chorus. We tried many patterns.

– The first song “introduction ~magenta~” was so different from the previous Tohoshinki songs that it was so surprising.

Changmin: When I first listened to it, I was also surprised. But on the other hand, because there is this song, the songs after that seem more lively.

– Truly, the 2nd song “B.U.T(Be-au-ty)” is a completely different song. It’s a dance tune and you can really feel the aggressive-ness.

Changmin: Tohoshinki’s dance number songs are really aggressive that the person who is actually dancing is lacking breath.

Yunho: HAHAHA(laughs out loud)

Changmin: This song is different from the previous ones and the lyrics seduces the girl in a more direct way, so I think we were able to bring out Tohoshinki’s coolness and not just the aggressive-ness. On the other hand, “Duet” is a song about loving and protecting the woman he loves no matter what, a song that shows manliness and expresses love. Even though they are both direct feelings, it’s completely different by how you feel.

Yunho: The song title “Duet” represents our feelings. Not just the individual unique voices, but the balance of our voices is one of the parts that make this better. Also, talking about attractive voice, in the song “B.U.T.” and “Easy Mind”, Changmin challenged rapping for the first time. This came out more adult-like then I had imagined it to be, and I think it showed his new color.

Changmin: The song that I think Yunho’s voice was really good was “Shiawase iro no hana (Happiness Colored Flower)”. He recorded this over and over until he was satisfied. He has strong feelings towards this song.

Yunho: We concentrated more than usual on the ballad song which was 6minutes 40seconds. We thought about how we can express this extremely long ballad song. We faced this song with the limit of what Tohoshinki has right now. Also, “Easy Mind” is a song that we sang thinking about our appreciation towards our fans. But, Changmin lied to the staff and said “Yunho is good at whistling”, so at the end my bad whistle was recorded.

Changmin: *smirks*

-What was something you felt happy recently?

Changmin: “a-nation”. And after the stage, drinking beer in chilled room and relaxing, that was the most happiness. *laughs*

Yunho: For me, it was on the stage. Even without talking, I felt that we were able to communicate with our fans through the songs. For private time, it’s when I’m home and just laying down, I think (laughs). I don’t sleep when I travel (e.g. in the car), so when I go home everything just loosens up and feel like, “Ah~ I’m done.” I can reset and it makes me think positively, “I’ll do my best tomorrow too”.

– I see. After finishing this album is there anything you guys see better about each other?

Changmin: Ummm…… these are embarrassing, so… *laughs*

Yunho: Of course there is! I think since Changmin did this much, I have to work hard too. Without a doubt I am affected by Changmin’s movements and effort. But I have been living with Changmin for 8 years, so we pretty much understand each other by just looking into each other’s eyes.

Changmin: It’s a part of my life.

Yunho: Our styles are 180 degrees different, so honestly in the beginning there were things I was worried about *laughs*, but now that’s what’s good. I think that’s why we can balance well.

Changmin: I think the hardest thing is to keep maturing, but if it’s Tohoshinki, I think if it’s with Yunho then it’s possible.

Yunho: I believe in Changmin. I also want everyone to believe us and follow us!

Credit: soulmate5p2
Trans by: rieko@sharingyoochun

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