[Pic+ Trans] 110915 Siwon with Yunho – Twitter Update

Yunho and Siwon so handsome with those clothes!

Siwon says: “이번에 강은철역을 맡은 윤호형입니다. 하루는 일본 또 하루는 미국, 아무리 바쁘고 힘든일정이여도 컷이 끝나면 감독님 한번더요!를 외치는 열정이 가득한 선배이자 형입니다.그런윤호형에게 박수를보냅니다. 수고하셨습니다! / At this time, the one in charge at the Iron Station is Yunho-hyung. He’s been one day in Japan and one day in the United States and no matter how busy he is by his tight schedule, he’s once more a director! The senior where the passion shouts and is an elder brother. Then give an applause to Yunho-hyung. You have done efforts!”

Credit: @siwon407
Trans by: HoMinStyle @ wordpress.com

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