[Trans] 110905 TVXQ’s Second Tokyo Dome Concert, “We Continue To Challenge Ourselves”

Though the stage stood at over 100m long, it was full to the brim. TVXQ, who have become stronger after overcoming great pain, stood on the stage of Tokyo Dome for the second time and became the first Korean singers to do so (T/N: Yes this translator knows JYJ were there first last year but that’s what the article says.)

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho met with reporters after the performance of ‘SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO Special Edition’ on the 4th and expressed his feelings on performing at Tokyo Dome for the second time.

Debuting in Japan in April, 2005, TVXQ used strictly glocalization strategies to become a top group in the J-POP market. They have 32 singles and 4 albums released in Japan and have ranked number one on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart nine times, holding the record as the first foreign artistes to do so.

In 2009, they became the first idol group to perform at Tokyo Dome. Given the opportunity to stand on the same stage twice in two years, U-Know Yunho said,“Tokyo Dome is a special place for TVXQ. Getting to stand on the same stage once more was meaningful for us because we got to share the experience with our fellow labelmates.”

During the time between the two Tokyo Dome performances, TVXQ suffered through pains from the members splitting into two groups, but they proved their lasting popularity as they received the most applause and cheers from the crowd. U-Know Yunho expressed his gratitude for TVXQ’s fans as he said, “We’re so grateful that so many people came to see us, regardless of the fact that we’ve been on a long hiatus.”

He continued to say, “Rather than saying that we’re working to keep TVXQ’s popularity the way it is, we like to think that we continue to challenge ourselves,” and “Because our juniors are doing well, I believe that we, as their seniors, should keep our position and continue to go further.”

U-Know Yunho smiled and said, “I think I enjoyed this performance more than ever. There aren’t many performances like this in which everyone has fun as they perform, but I want this feeling of joy to continue.

In their performance, TVXQ showcased a repertoire of their hit songs such as ‘Rising Sun’, ‘Mirotic’, Super Star’, ‘Keep Your Head Down’, ‘Summer Dream’ and ‘Somebody to Love’ and sang ‘B.U.T’ from their new Japanese album, which is scheduled to drop in September, for the first time.

Source: [star mk]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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