[Vid + Trans] Changmin’s message on Paradise Ranch official site

Hello, viewers of Paradise Ranch official site. I’m Changmin. I played the starring role of this drama “Han Dong Joo”. Well, Paradise Ranch was the first drama in which I played the main role and its DVD will be released on November 2.
The highlight of the drama is the relationship between Dong Joo and Da Ji. They married when they were very young, and divorced soon. After several years, they met again and started to live together. Both had a girlfriend and boyfriend and the fact bothered both of them. In such circumstance they end up together. The name of the main role I played is Han Dong Joo. He is the son of a big company and is mean and selfish towards everyone except for Da Ji. But he likes Da Ji very much, so becomes very pure and cute in front of her. I don’t mean to brag about myself, but this is going to be a very entertaining DVD box set. The DVD box of Paradise Ranch will be released on November 2. I hope you will like it.

Credit: vitkewt @ YT
Vid Trans: lisaliolisalio@twitter
Shared by: hominstyle

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