[Trans] 110904 SMT Tokyo (third day), Various Fans’ Tweets

@mal_san TVXQ now on standby!

@mal_san finale!

@forever_tvxq_ during STL, the dancers poured water over Changmin’s head! He is super hot when wet! abosolutely wonderful! In the last part, he looked into the camera. oh, he looked somewhat tired xD

@yunhosmiley just remembered that changmin was the one who fell down on the passage yesterday xD

@chamichoco218 during the ending, changmin kissed kyuhyun!!

@ahahaYJ Changmin kissed Kyuhyun on his cheek? close to his ears? …he kissed..?? oh, i won’t forgive you, Kyu xD

@LeeKeiX finished! SMT is the best! Yunho & Changmin really looked happy \(~o~)/

@densyo_botaru finished.. burnout…and, couldn’t catch the balloons http://photozou.jp/p…682172/97169881

@chamichoco218 “Then we will go on to the next song”→”eeee!”→”I feel troubled when everyone says eeee”

@chamichoco218 on the passage back to the main stage, Changmin and Kyuhyun was hugging each other, and looked at the camera with smiling faces♡ And Changmin kissed Kyuhun’s cheek! it should be a make believe, but he did it twice!

@kchang96 Today again, Changmin was in high spirits! during summer dream, he was pouring water on himself.

@chamichoco218 self-sport’s meeting, Yunho xDDD

@mck0n_MAX0218 changmin completely took the initiative for the MC!

@qwerty_hanon26 looking at the tags, oh, i was thinking from before, but we can share the same passionate feelings in many languages, Tohoshinki is the best!

@K_liebe_Uknow During the ending, Yunho was first playing with donghae, but at the last, he was playing with taemin (^w^)

@yoonholover during the ending, Yunho was endlessly jumping with his juniors, and he seemed to be having such fun(≧∀≦*) again today, he was playing with taemin

@chamipper lastly, changmin and minho was hugging each other on the passage, and was circling around for 3-4 times xDD they are in love ( ´艸`) xD

@chamipper taemin passed his camera to the staff, and the staff took a two-shot with Yunho♪ so cute ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

@mck0n_MAX0218 After the super long MC, Changmin said “Thank you for listening to my dull talks” ❤❤❤ It was really long, and I don’t remember the details, but Max-sama was advertising TONE xDD Yunho-sama, hardly any time was left for your talks!!!

@chamichoco218 during superstar, Yunho’s “isso nuide shimae”, he can’t take off his costume (T/N: he doesn’t have his jacket on). until yesterday, he was just making believe that he was taking his jacket off , but today, he turned around his face and made his posed look!

@chamichoco218 since they will sing summer dream at the back stage, I saw the two come secretly on the car when Super Junior was singing. Getting out of the car, until their timing to go on stage, they were leaning against the car and watching SJ’s performance. Yunho was talking to the staffs nearby.

@z_ion I think.. that the stage lighting was yellowish. In that glittering world, Changmin was dancing happily and neatly, and Yunho was confidently dancing as though he was a part of the B.U.T world from the beginning. B.U.T was really good. Just my personal thoughts, I think B.U.T is as high quality as that of IDK.

@shiochi206 during the ending when Changmin’s part was finished, Minho jumped on Changmin and hugged him(*´艸`) After that, Onew, who was also waiting for his turn to hug Changmin did so, too xDD I wanted to wait for my turn, too. Haaaa(^q^)

@shiochi206 Yunho was always full of spirits, and was happily smiling(*´Д`*) For STL, he was running seriously with all his might, and during the ending, he was again running!! He is really a man who wants to run xDDD

@HOSHee777 Yunho was right in front of my eyes riding on the trolley (moving slowly), and he went away when I was still excited(>_<) I was teary thinking that I might never be able to see him that near. I’m really really a Yunho fan xD

@naoichigo0105 Changmin talked a lot during the MC♪ He said he wanted to give priority to the MC in the future, too xD Yunho said to Changmin “You’ve improved!”♪ Changmin also did his promised “Shiii-“, with his finger on his lips (≧▽≦) He was always smiling♪

@hysayuaya During the ending, Changmin was staying on the main stage to sing his part. Since he had his towel on his shoulder and that towel was hung on his shoulder as an old man, I could always catch where he was!

@taem102 all around me are bigeasts, so painful;∇;. somebody pls help me.

@taem102 during rising sun, taemin came out to the very limit, and was looking their performance, standing as firm as a rock(p_q ) I cried looking at him.

@15tanuki26 Yunho was…Yunho was.. I couldn’t find words to describe his hotness. He was cute during the summer dream dance, and I thought you couldn’t resist loving him!!!!(*≧∀≦*)←squeezed out in a small voice xDD

@changminss during the SMT ending today, Yunho was running the passage together with Choumi! Choumi seemed to look lonely during the ending yesterday, so seeing them gave me smiles. I really love Yunho’s kindness to his friends and juniors o(^-^)o

Source: (Various tweets)
Trans: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks! 

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