[Trans] 110902 SMT Tokyo (first day), Various Fans’ Tweets

@soratomax there are many trolleys. they are not just circling the outer part of the arena, but going through the arena, too. cannot tell which is the best seat. OMG!

@soratomax Tohoshinki Rising sun!

@forever_tvxq_ white jacket, and white pants.

@forever_tvxq_ Rising sun finished, and Toho disappeared! next is KANTA. what about toho?

@K_liebe_Uknow I thought SJ was popular, but during toho’s rising sun, all the audience was singing together!!

@soratomax first of all was the rising sun on the main stage. so many fireworks! when will they come out next?

@K_liebe_Uknow changmin’s hair was smooth and silky!

@mck0n_MAX0218 Their costume for rising sun was top & bottom white, with black inner T shirts! and changmin’s hair was silky☆and smooth♥♥♥MAX!!his shouts were so big!!!

@chamichoco218 changmin was trying to move away his bangs from his eyes a few times.~~

@forever_tvxq_ BoA at the main stage now. where is tohoshinki~?

@K_liebe_Uknow i thought it will be finished in 3 hours, but not yet. they’ve only sung one song

@forever_tvxq_ It seems that this is BoA’s last song, next will be tohoshinki!←a toho fan next to me told me. at last!

@soratomax they are wearing costumes whey wore during the dream concert.

@forever_tvxq_ Here they come! Both appeared, hanging in midair! Now, changmin just passed overhead! kyaa~~

@soratomax superstar

@forever_tvxq_ Costume, Yunho shows his bare arms, Changmin, jacket with sleeves. Mirotic (in Korean),and now superstar!

@soratomax Yunho passed some of the lyrics during the 2nd chorus, now changmin’s MC, gasping

@soratomax New song BUT!!!!

@forever_tvxq_ Why? now. Tohoshinki is always singing at the main stage

@soratomax Changmin seized Yunho by the collar xD

@chamichoco218 tohoshinki finished….

@soratomax During BUT, Changmin was touching his lips with his finger, and the audience went uproar by his gestures

@uknowjj194 BUT and then KYHD..it seemed really hard(>_<) when they went off stage, the dancers took hold of Changmin’s shoulders and supported him ..

@K_liebe_Uknow Yunho appeared from the first base side, and Changmin from third base side!

@K_liebe_Uknow The two singing B.U.T for the first time looked really happy, I’m so delighted!

@K_liebe_Uknow Yunho shows his bare arms! You can check his armpits!

@soratomax they are riding on the trolley!

@soratomax Summer dream, full song. and then, Somebody to love

@umuguchi Changmin blew a kiss

@K_liebe_Uknow Yunho and Changmin seemed to be really having fun! Especially, Changmin!

@forever_tvxq_ they threw the towel! Did someone get it? again, BoA♪

@uknowjj194 SMT last song~! everyone on stage~(*^o^*)

@yhn0927 I thought I’ll die hearing their new song. yunho, you’re too hot—

@chamichoco218 during the ending. Changmin whispered something into Yunho’s ear…Yunho slipped his arm around Changmin’s waist.. I saw it right in front of my eyes…!!||OдO||)

@ykuenyo the cheers during rising sun was the biggest. that is Tohoshinki!! I was yelling! xDD

@mashamaro69 Changmin gestured “wait a moment” and tied his shoelaces. cutie!

@rayco_oh Yunho said that he was happy (ノД`)・゜・ he should have gone to the center stage, but he went to the side stage, and one of the dancers snatched him back. I didn’t miss that!

@natsuworld They sung the new song B.U.T☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ great news to HoMin fans! it’s a dance that they tangle together like Why xDD

@roseaki during the last song, Changmin was so charming, he made a heart above his head\(^o^)/ Kyuhyun, Minho, and Changmin was hugging each other in one circle! and then, Changmin quickly went back stage xD

@i_125981 Yunho and Changmin are very tall, and have small faces, so we can catch them though they were among the family. Changmin-sama’s “So, we’ll go on to the next song”, the fans’ “eeeee——” has become a routine(*^^*)

Source: (Various tweets)
Trans: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks! 

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